Just thought about making a little contribution to the site and put this thing into clear before someone asks again, or at least until Merlin adds it to the Rules or Help.

This is a non-official rule but still you should know it while you’re here.


It’s a bit difficult to explain. Basically, it’s posting on a thread that hasn’t been getting posts (Is “dead”) for a long time. This will not get you banned (At least not the first few times) but it still pisses off some people.

When you have something to say, something to contribute or something to request in an old thread (Like the Sprites one on the Sprites forum), most people consider this to be fine. The problem is when you just post for the sake of continuing a trivial conversation.

For example:

Random guy 1: “Who do you think was the best character?” –1/2/03
Random guy 2: “Mmm… can’t decide. Either maxim or Derkar” – 1/2/03
Random necroposting guy: “No way dude, Guy owned them all!” – 4/5/03

With this I mean that if what you have to say in the “Dead” thread isn’t something that we HAVE to know, it’s Necroposting. If you just HAVE to say it, start a new thread about it.

It’s a bit complicated to state when a thread is dead, normally it’s one that hasn’t been getting any posts for more than a week or is past the second page but it can change according to the forum:

Some forums like the RPGC Main have a rather quick movement rate, making some threads pass to the second page in less than half a day, so posting in a thread in the RPGC Main that is up to the third page wouldn’t be considered Necroposting (Make that the second page for others like The Tower of Babel).

On the other hand, some of the other forums like the FF have a quite slow movement rate or at have just a few big threads. Even though some threads have more than week being dead, posting there is not considered Necroposting or at least it’s overlooked by it’s moderator. Of course, posting in the second page her is absolutely out of question.

Other Forums like the Anime and the PC have an average movement so whatever is in the second page is likely to be dead.

Of course, try using your common sense. If someone asked something and didn’t get any answers, the chances of he/she being expecting answers 2 weeks later when the thread is in the third page aren’t exactly big.

As stated in the Rules, senseless posting just for the sake of increasing your post counts is considered spamming. Whenever Necroposting is spamming or not goes for the Admins/Mods to decide, but as I said before, posting in a dead trivial conversation is rather stupid and is likely to be just for the post count.

No one expects you to sit in the forums and study their movement rate as to figure out how this works. You will make mistakes, you will overlook some rules, you will overlook some messages (This one for example) but at least have some of this stuff present so you don’t trip twice with the same stone.

If there is something I forgot, please point it out.