Ok, I’m curious, how and when exactly did necroposting come to be considered a bad thing? I know that maybe half a decade or so ago, when the net was much smaller, the notion didn’t exist, and nobody had a problem with it.

I can see how bringing up a closed or dead issue can be a bad thing. And I can see that the word “necroposting” makes it sound bad. But other than that, I don’t see what the problem would be. To me, posting in an old thread doesn’t seem like a big deal. Plus, I completely missed it when necroposting became a bad thing. So if anyone knows, can you explain how it came to be?

It would be an overflow of information, mixing the old threads with the new and the old ones would eventually just push all the new threads off the first page.
To many people, when threads are old, they begin to tire of them, tire of looking at them, etc. Thus their annoyance when old threads re surface when everything has possibly been said on the matter, I guess.

Well that’s my take on it. There are the odd exceptions though.

There was already a thread on this where it was explained quite well.


In fact, its on the first page- you could have posted this there, instead of wasting a topic on it. ;p

Eva, if there was any chance that this board was heavy with relevant threads, I’d be inclined to agree with you. My personal take is, though, that a thread can be interesting so long as people have interesting things to add to it.

And CC, I just read that other thread, and this thread is asking the question that went unanswered in the other thread. Namely, why did necroposting get to be considered so annoying, especially considering that it never used to be so.

Yeah, and the other thread isn’t dead either.