OMFG, is it just me or does it seem like the newbs are Necroposting like STUPID crazy? I mean, topics that ended 3+ weeks ago do NOT need to be revived, please leave them dead. :no2:

I try to tell them and for any new people reading it is usually only a good idea to post on topics that are on the first page or in the first half of the second

I’m terribly sorry, but I believe the horse smells pretty damned rotten; it’s okay to stop thrashing it now.

That only applies ot the main forum. The others don’t get as much activity and have many older posst on the main page of the forum.

Maybe I’m stupid, but I’m really not sure what exactly you are replying to, as well, what the heck you are talking about? :thinking:

If you want to stop this problem, ask an admin to lock up old posts so the newbs don’t necropost. I was kinda disappointed to see that this wasn’t actually about the Necronomicon

That would be a lot more work than it’d be worth. Plus, ti’s against the rules. It be easier for the mdos to just warn the offenders. Also, it still isn’t too bad. I think it is jsut because we have a large influx of newbies.

BigDizzy, although your sig is highly unhumorous, it is quoted wrongly.

I was thinking about changing it, anyway. and this time it’s quoted correctly

I do believe he may be trying to say that this is the ten billionth post someone’s made about some new person making an honest mistake, and by devoting a thread to the subject when it’s been addressed elsewhere you are offering serious physical harm to a deceased equine.

I believe it was mentioned in other threads recently as well as being repeated above - if you’re irritated about someone doing something on the boards contact the mods.

Izlude, stop being an ass. Mistakes happen, deal with it, you likely weren’t that much better of a newbie.