In Nebraska people get so bored that they drive their cars off the road for fun.

Wow what a great state. Lanyx, I now know why you play Wow all the time.

Runza The Squire

I went on a road trip through Nebraska with a British friend, who said “Miles and miles of nothing, it’s enough to make your eyes bleed,” after looking out the window for a while.

Doing 40 on a gravel road in winds in excess of your own speed is a sure way to do some early corn field plowing.:hyperven: Fortunately, the car escaped without sustaning any significant damage.:mwahaha:

The leason is: Don’t go 40 on a gravel road with winds in excess of your own speed!

Probraska ftw.

Yeah. Don’t do 40. Drive faster than the wind. 80 seems safe, usually.

but such a good emo scene!

I thought emo was in Chicago and Ohio, but I really don’t know. Isn’t Nebraska more indie-folk territory.

Hahaha I don’t know what’s so funny about that. Maybe the fact that Nebraska is a center for some form of art that isn’t ceramics.

It took me forever to get that


More like N00braska.

Go eat some corn in your cornfield you corny cornhusker.

More like hit 70 amirite

Ohio is pretty emo, but I’m guessing because Omaha is the Mecca of sappy indie pop it has more than its fair share of emo.

Aww Damnit! I knew I should have gone the meeting last night. For I was going to nominate my own city as the self-proclaimed indie pop-Mecca of the world.::doh::

I mean wasn’t Omaha the self-proclaimed Meth-Lab capital of the world.:stuck_out_tongue:

Now I have to go and relearn all of the self-proclaimed capitals again until I can name them all.