Neat little desktop themes and stuff

Where do you all get them and what are some good ones? I’m tired of the typical Windows look and want something unique. When looking at the desktop threads, I see that some of you have some cool taskbars and windows, where did you get them?

Stardock WindowBlinds. All you need to know :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesnt that cost money Oshi?

No, theres a free version oshi-

A FREE free version, or a I dont wanna pay for this so I’ll do stuff not really legal to it free version oshi-

It is very nice, I like it. Thanks Dev.

Yeah, there is a free version deadtear, and it is fairly complete, I don’t see much that the full version would add.

Dare I ask what this oshi… is?


Oshi is basically dev’s way of saying Oh shit! However, it runs together as oshit, but then he gets cut off by what he’s saying oshit about, so it turns into oshi.

I probably shouldn’t have explained it though. oshi

Yea, oshi- is mine. D:

Or you could look at his avatar.

No, they copied me >=(

Xoblite. Mmm, BlackBox. Mmm, free.

I don’t get the xoblite website…What are the tools for? What do they do?

Its a replacement shell for windows, its not a tool. It replaces explorer and changes your desktop.