Neat little article..."A Gamer's Manifesto"

Some good thoughts about the future of games.

That almost made me cry. I’m a little bit more optimistic than this guy about changes though, since after the next generation consoles are released, there will likely be little room for improvement on the graphics and developers will have to start thinking new ideas (Like what is suggested in this article) for the NEXT generation.

But really, get rid of the damn crates already.


Don’t show my character casting magic meteors that smash mountains in one scene and in the next send me all over the dungeon trying to find a single key to a rickety wooden door that looks like it could be knocked in with a strong shoulder.

I was thinking of making a thread about this at one point: I hate Square’s fucking tendency to make summons capable of visually destroying the world without actually doing anything to it. The way my eyebrow begins twitching every time I see Sephiroth blow up the solar system several times with Super Nova comes to mind right now.

Big kudos on some of those points (such as quicksave, load screens, more roles for women). Not mentioned: A REQUIRED pause button that ALWAYS WORKS.

I personally don’t care so much about enemy AI because as it is they kill me way too often. 8-(

Also, remember that these cutscenes have to be dubbed in several languages (English and Japanese at the very least) and it’s done with ONE set of animated lips. They don’t re-draw the whole damned thing just to dub it.

Actually, Squeenix is making leaps and bounds here. Several scenes in FFX-2 and Kingdom Hearts were entirely reanimated for English words. KH was much more successful than FFX-2 (where the timing was always off by half a second) but at least they’re trying.

Many of his more angry rants seem to be about things that aren’t always wanted or needed. They sound good on paper, but a game that actually has a lot of them would end up simply not being as fun. RPGs in particular. Realism is all well and good up to a point, but when it impacts gameplay by making it either way too easy or way too hard, it’s going the wrong way. And while some of the points would indeed be really nice, there still is a bottom line, and taking all or even some of them into account would make the cost of production skyrocket.

You see crates, I see chests. FFX, I’m looking at you.

Did you ever wonder what happened to force feedback, controllers that push your hands around so you can feel the action in the game as well as see it

That technology is a long way from perfection. Force feedback simply can’t be done in a controller you hold in your hands. You’d need an entire box-like apparatus for it (and it’s prohibitively expensive).

Ack. This brings back horrible memories of a Goldeneye level where if you tripped an alarm, an infinite number of bad guys poured forth. We knew a man who failed that level 37 times, then got the Infinite Health cheat for it and came back. He intentionally tripped the alarm, the guards rushed out. Laughing maniacally, he proceeded to shoot those fuckers for four hours, killing 1,183 of them - 682 with groin shots - before his thumbs cramped up. Your game should not create this kind of bitterness.

I did that, too. Bloody alarms.

The Bunker. Oh lord the Bunker. I had nightmares about that level.

This has to be one of the stupidest and uninformed articles I’ve read on gaming.

The AI argument was total bull, it would be nice if they did that yes, but programming things to actually think like that is still in it’s infancy. For number 5 he seems to totally ignore that guys have it just as bad having to look at the super ripped guys in the game. It’s fantasy get over it.

The loading arguement is total bull too, the reason that cartridge games loaded faster is because the cart can dump more information faster, I’m sure everyone has heard as a CD is booting and it takes 3-5 seconds on their PC to get to any auto run screen. Carts are intergrated in to the system similar to a RAM chip so they will always be faster.

The clip plane arguement is another uninformed part, you need them I doubt many of you have played a game that isn’t properly clipped, but when you fall off the map you fall and don’t stop. I would rather have the invisible walls rather than have to restart every time i jumped too high.

For number 13, unlocking features is a good thing. Go play a game you have full completion on. Geuss what, with nothing to look foreward to it’s fucking boring.

His chart in number 16 is just stupid, the NES did so well because it had no competition, the SNES was competing with the Genesis, the N64 had Playstation and only did well because people still trusted Nintendo. It’s not about other features since nobody uses the other features. When was the last time anyone used a Playstation to play their CDs or DvDs?

Ultimatly this was written for the shock value by someone with no clue about the industry at all. Most of his arguments were total bullshit, I just went over the big ones since I have a final to get to.

Where’s the game where we’re a castaway on a deserted island and the object of the game is to find food and clean water and build a shelter, a game where we can play for one month or six months, because whether or not we get rescued is randomized? Where every time we restart we get a different island with different wildlife and vegetation and water sources?

There was a GBA game with that exact premise, forgot the name.

Where’s the game where we play a salty Southern lawyer who has to piece together evidence to exonerate a black man falsely accused of murder, breaking down witnesses and spotting inconsistencies in testimony?

There’s several Japanese game series that are about that.

Also, you all suck at Goldeneye. Christ, that stage wasn’t that hard.

I’m not asking them to think like real humans, just not to charge at me in a straight line while I’m wielding a goddamn rocket launcher.

I’m not saying that it wouldn’t surprise me to see an ugly hero now and then, but you can’t hope to deny that characterization for female characters is taken as far less important than the size of their breasts. FFX-2 anybody?

That’s why he mentioned the drives in the consoles. I’m speeding load times in Baldur’s Gate 2 in my prehistoric Pentium II as we speak by storing temp data, why on earth wouldn’t a console with several times the capacity and an actual drive do the same?

In most cases where jumping is a feat that requires technique, you still fall down. He’s talking about putting some physical boundaries instead of an invisible wall on the limits you only have to use common sense to locate. And there’s always the option of looking before you jump.

I’m kinda with you here, but I still want to know why the U.S.A government sends me to fight zombies with a fucking 9 mm and no bullets.

I suck at FPS in general.

The survival games are extremely popular in japan, and we’ve had the Survival Kids series here for awhile.

Yes, Survival Kids, that’s what I was talking about. God, I loved that game.

I’m not saying that it wouldn’t surprise me to see an ugly hero now and then, but you can’t hope to deny that characterization for female characters is taken as far less important than the size of their breasts. FFX-2 anybody?

Ironically enough, though that game definitely objectified women, none of the leads had what you might call a large chest. ^^; Anyway… women are now and always have been objectified in major blockbusters (Elektra and Catwoman come to mind just in the last two years), not to mention ads for everything from beer to cars to clothing. It’s not just a video game thing. But there do seem to be less video games that take women as real people than there are in movies.

The AI argument was total bull, it would be nice if they did that yes, but programming things to actually think like that is still in it’s infancy.

One acronym: MGS3. Those guys were DAMN smart. It’s not so young as you might think, trust me.

Halo. In that the enemies take cover a lot, jump out of the way of explosions, etc.

I agree with some of it and disagree with other parts. Either way, the article is good at making you think about what you want in games.

He makes several good points but he’s ranting: had it been objective and properly researchd it would’ve been something to swing around. It’s neither.

Meh. I kinda agreed with some stuff, but this guy’s just bitter.

Don’t blast Mr. Wong. I think, that I like him. Not for what he says, but for using my favorite FF screenshot:

Bleed, you fucker!

  1. Nipples?
    Speaking of adult games, where are they?

The PSP is Getting Scandalous Content
According to a report on, Japanese erotica publisher GLAY’z has announced that it will be releasing five UMD titles this July.

The titles include High Grade Class First Soap Lady - Anna Kaneshiro, Loli Nanpa 5, Goku Hong - Rico Tachibana, The Nurse of a Big Breast and Erotic Terrorist Beautiful Body. These titles are said to be uncensored and will star some of Japan’s most famous adult actresses.

With titles like that, these could have been excellent erotic action games.

Following Playboy’s announcement that it will be creating content for the PSP, GLAY’z is following that path and will be publishing its content for Asia and Europe. It is rumored that the titles will be region free and should be able to play on American systems.

Eh, I didn’t really like the article, it boiled down to alot of whining. Some things, like anytime saving and stronger roles for women I agree with, but the majority of it sounds like someone who’s quite jaded and is just rambling.

I wanna know whether the save points really save “Save point number” in FFX and Metroid Prime and stuff, or if they save what map you’re on and the location on said map and what direction you’re facing in addition to your level/inventory/all items you’ve collected/etc. That’s, oh I’d say, roughly what QuickSaving does in Half-Life or TRON 2.0.

That said, I must confess I abused QuickSaves and QuickLoads in TRON 2.0 in boss fights, and I’m sure Metroid Prime players would wish they could’ve done that. :smiley: