NB's Anime Opinions.

I have been watching alot of anime lately, so here are some opinions.

Kenran Butoh Sai: The Mars Daybreak

Pirates? Mechs? Mars? Awesome setting, and some awesome characters, including a speaking Dolphin Pirate. It’s about the conflict between pirates and the military on the planet Mars, which now has been terraformed, into a water/ice planet.

School Rumble

Ah, School Rumble, I love this one. It’s about 3 high school students. Tsukamoto Tenma, Harima “Hario” Kenji, and Oji Karasuma. Harima is in love with Tenma, Tenma is in love with Karasuma, Karasume is in love with curry and thinks he is a kappa (mythical demon frog). A hilarious anime.

Kiddy Grade

At first, I hated it. Thought it was nothing but fanservice. But halfway through, the plot gets really, really good. The anime takes place in a futuristic setting, one where mankind settled into other planets and space colonies, all governed by G.O.T.T (Galaxy something). 2 agents of that organization, Eclair and Lumiere, stumble upon a conspiracy.


Ugh, I couldn’t stand this one. Trigun + Boobs. The main character uses her breasts to reload her revolver. If you like that kind of thing, then I guess, you can go for it. :confused:

I’ll add some more later.

FMA+Elfen Lied+Azumanga Daioh+Slayers=Anime Heaven.

I’ve only seen Azumanga Daioh & Slayers, but from what I know of the other series…I agree.

Mobile Suit Gundam
08th MS Team
Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (or somethigg)
Z Gundam
ZZ Gundam
Char’s Counterattack
Gundam F91
V Gundam

I mean, come ON people, that’s so obvious!XD

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Here are some more:

Jinki:EXTEND : It’s like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Only Shinji is replaced by some cute girl who loves Mechs. Ownage

Mai-Hime: Not bad, about girls with special powers (not like Sailor Moon, not much fanservice either) and a secret organization bent on World Domination.

Air: Don’t see what all the hype is about. About some homeless dude wandering around meeting cute/hot girls. Not that great.

The main character uses her breasts to reload her revolver.

What?? How?

Holy SHIT!

Yeah, like that. >_>;;;

:hahaha; Man, anime keeps coming up with crazier forms of fanservice.

Sadly, I’m way behind the times in Anime since the store I used to rent anime videos from closed. And no, I’m not into streaming. I mostly watch stuff on Cartoon Network and Tech TV these days. Still, here are some opinions of mine:

*The original Gundam series (and its sequels) may be the best Science Fiction Anime ever.

*I HATE Evangelion and all the “Confusing and Tragic” imitators it spawned. (Xenogears may be an exception, IF it’s based on EVA and not the other way around.)

*Speaking of confusing, could someone explain Last Exile to me?

More later.

Last Exile is about a weird thing that is a weird thing.

It’s about two countries at war in the middle ages, only without horses and chariots, but with Battleships called Claudia Engines. I don’t know much more though.

Apparently I have to see Slayers if it’s in the same category of goodness as the other three. I really need a happy anime, considering that FMA and Elfen Lied are the most recent anime I’ve watched.

Btw, in Last Exile, how old are Claus and Ravey supposed to be?

I think they’re around 15-17…

Claus and Lavie are both 15.

Slayers is forkin hilarious. It’s not without its drama however, but that’s usually reserved for the last leg of episodes. Slayers is indeed a classic.

Oh, and check out Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. Fuck Excel saga, this is the god of parody anime. Not to mention it has the immortal line “There’s something so sci-fi about pissing off into outer space”

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Melody of Oblivion

Yo, does anyone remember Castle in the Sky? I saw it as a kid when we owned a video rental store. That was one mad animation!! Was it anime? I think it was. And, on another note - anyone who can tell me the name of an animation that had a girl on some kind of vehicle being chased by huge spider things with multiple red eyes will certainly get much respect from myself.

It starts with an ‘N’ right? Called Nas!@$@# or something. And near the end of the anime, the eyes of the huge spider things turned blue right?