NB's Anime Opinions Part 2

Here are some opinions of the current animes I am watching.


Some may call it a NGE Rip off. I like it. Earth has been attacked by unknown creatures called Fallen Angels, and 2/3 of it’s population is destroyed. Now, a bunch of kids with pure souls must battle them in Giant Robots which can fuse.

Nice music, Nice animation, interesting story, and a lot of Sexual Innuendos. While fusing, a great energy is produced, and each episode, at least 1 girl will have an orgasm while fusing. It happened in each episode so far.


I am usually not into Shounen-ai, but this one caught my eye. It’s story is interesting, and the music is nice. Also has a cool atmosphere.

<B>Speed Grapher</B>

A really weird show. It’s about a man who gets erection while taking pictures of dangerous things, and he discovers the secret organization that controls Tokyo behind the scenes. It sounds weird, but it’s cool. And the theme song is a Duran Duran song >_>;;


It’s Romeo and Juliet, only Romeo is trying to kill Juliet and vice-versa. And they are ninjas. Pretty cool.

So, uh, yeah.

that basilisk thingy sounds cool to me, thats prolly my favorite of them all.

V Gundam is #1

I don’t even see teh big deal with basilisk. It’s just another mideval anime