Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

kicks ass. I am once again thoroughly impressed by Miyazaki’s genius. There’s even a scene animated by Anno Hideaki of Eva glory himself.

Every Miyazaki fan should see this film, ASAP. It’s classic Miyazaki and it’s a breath of fresh air compared to recent movies.

That one was really good. I bought it when it first came out. I like how most of his movies have something flying in it. ^^

I’ve been trying to get it.

That’s my favourite Miyazaki movie! The manga is even better, though. It’s funny that it tends to be the favourite of a lot of his fans, but it’s the one that he’s the most unsatisfied with.

Kirokokori: Are you looking to buy, or just watch it? Try your local video rental store. If they get in Disney movies regularly, it should be there as Disney is the one releasing it. I hope you find it!

I read the manga. Good stuff.

Look at movies like Princess Mononoke and it’s not hard to see why he’s unsatisfied. Nausicaa was big, but his recent stuff is gargantuan.

I’ve had Nausicaa on DVD for a while now. It’s a great Miyazaki film, but I don’t think it’s his best one. I actually watched the English dub because Patrick Stewart did the voice of Sir Whatshisname (the guy with the stupid beard).

I’ve watched it. Good moral message. Seeing as how they had to trim a hundred-something issue maga series down to make a movie and do it without a huge loss in story arc, it was pretty good. But it did seem rushed at times.

I wouldn’t say it’s his best movie either.

Mengde: His name is Yupa. The dub is pretty good, I have to admit. They acutally did a good job of it. Dubs seem to be getting better and better, from what I can see.

Lex: Hundred-something issues? They must have been small, because it fits into seven compilation volumes… He did take eleven years to finish it, but only the first two volumes were done when the movie was made. The farther it goes along the two volumes, the more it diverges, but that’s mostly to clue things up, rather than introducing new plot elements.

I never said it was considered his best by fans, just that it seems to be the favourite of a lot. Sorry if I implied otherwise. ::doh:: I can’t remember the source I got that from, but I think it was before his last couple of films, so it might be a bit outdated now. Nausicaa’s still my favourite though. :biggrin:

Heh, I just recently got the chance to buy this movie, and I must say it was fantastic. The dub was very good, and the whole Nausicaa world was beautiful (of course, one wouldn’t expect less from Miyazaki).

I would also recommend this to any Miyazaki fan. It’s truly an enjoyable film.
I’m disappointed that my brother and sister didn’t like it as much as I did. Oh well, can’t please everyone.

just think about what else was coming out around the 80’s . . the rescuers, the black cauldron, oliver & company, the rescuers: first terrible sequel . . . . ghibli was way ahead of it’s time to come out with such a great double feature!! how could you make a better show than tonari no totoro with nausicaa?? i beleive the answer to that question is yet to be found.