Nation States game

This game is pretty cool just thought i would show you guys. Basically you create your own nation and it changes and develops with the issues you approve and stuff. heres the link
Nation States - Jennifer Government

Im in the region “tempest”. Its full of mostly helpful people so its a good place to move into if youre just starting. It’s pretty awesome.

My nation

to move to a new region you just click region you are already in (under “logout”) and click move to a new region and type the new region. all of you are welcome to tempest

joining the UN is a very good idea, because people respect the ones in the UN.

See you in Tempest!

I wonder if RPGCania is still up…

So some people have seen this before, huh?

My nation isn’t so big yet, but,

I foresee a sudden growth in the membership of RPGCania…


Oh yeah, you’ve gotta have lots of advice from experienced players and join the UN to succeed because the game is so challenging and difficult and confusing.

It’s still fun to be in the UN, and to be in a region with a lot of people that enjoy playing the game a lot.

The UN sucks. I quit it.

Well I’m in. My nations just getting started though.

Played it a while back. Doubt my countries still up though. If it is, I’ll check out RPGCania. If not, I’ll resignup if we got enough people playing.

Oh no, I’m not going to join that game for the fourth time, just to get bored 1 month later and get my nation deleted

been awhile since I played this… but my nations gone tho… so i’ll start a new one

Registered. Aethersonia. Just a heads up, I didn’t leave any hints to who I was. I think I’ll write the hint as my currency.

Regional delegate >>;
Some of the issues seem kind of rigged.

I was in it for a while, but I forgot about my city after a week.

And TD, I love your nation, reading yours was hilarious. Civil Rights: Unheard of
and 62% flat tax had me laughing.