Nasa confirms Tatooine exists.

Far far away. Great news for all those who fill “Jedi” when asked about their religion in the national census.

Wouldn’t a planet orbiting a binary system be poned by the increased amount of radiation and so forth?

Roche looooooooobe. Binary systems remind me of my high school/college physics project.

Now if only they could find a planet near three suns that’s inhabited by a bunch of sentient amorphic blobs.

… I’m trying to remember what that’s a reference to.

I thought this looked familiar. There was a huge thread on this about a year ago.

Rig, do you want to see something funny?
Not HA HA HA funny, but funny in a sense – “I’ll see you in court buddy” :wink:

It looks like I beat you to that story by almost two years; and judging by the number of replies, the “space” threads are as popular now, as in the not so distant past.

Congratulations you Gold Medalist Message Boarder.

Like the DaVinci Code and “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail” in a quite lower scale?

Tatooine had two stars, not three as your thread claimed, Seifer. This may constitute false advertising :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does it have to be Tatooine and not Magrathea? I’d rather it be Magrathea.

we apologize for the inconvenience

“I think I felt good about it.”

That’s not Tatooine, that’s Stryx 13.

And you’ll drink the emperor?

Sway cool who wants reservations to go there!