If any one was watching Cartoonetwork this past week you might of saw a Sneak Peak for a show called naruto.And if you did see it there was only picture no dub voices. From what i know the naruto dub version is going to be bad real bad.Due to they are cutting show 0 out of there line up.The only thing that look good for the show right now is the voice Acter that played Vash In Trigun is going to play Naruto
that is the only thing i know now

P.s. Sorry for the spelling err if therei is any

Uh, yeah, thanks for the info.
Would that be the american, or the european cartoon network?
Furthermore, why is this important?

Cartoon Network has become the worst channel of all time by a long shot next to it’s follow uppers Nickelodeon and Fox Kids.
And I’m not saying that just because they are kids channels, they destroy anime series by dubbing them and making people dislike anime because just because the english voice actors have worse voices than the singer of Slipknot.
(Well, mabye not Nickelodeon, but none of their cartoons are of any interest, except pherhaps from Invader Zim, and some peope probably like Sponge Bob too…)

Aside from the programs they get from elsewhere, Cartoon Network makes amateur series drawn by a cartoonist who got an F- in drawing. Examples, Dexter’s Lab and Power Puff Girls.

Don’t get me wrong, it was funny once, but nowadays it’s like all the staff that used to work for Cartoon Network has been replaced by other people who works for minimum wage or something.

Furthermore, I hate Naruto.

The guy who dubbed Spike (can’t think of his name at the moment) is supposed to be the VA for Kakashi. And its on CN, so it won’t get raped as much as it would on Fox.

Crap, Omega beat me.

He beat me too.

I always wonder what english anime voice actors are like. If they truly think they are doing a good job or purposely sound like crap to get the producers back for the awful pay they probably receive.

I don’t really like the series at all but the big fight scenes that they both to animate proper;y Naruto vs Haku, Sasuke vs Oorichimaru, Gaara vs Rock Lee, Rock lee vs Kimmimaro and especially Naruto vs Sasuke are incredible.

CN does some good work, and some bad. It usually has great quality stuff on Adult Swim. Toonami has been much more sketchy. One Piece gets a pass because Fox screwed that one up, not CN. There’s no excuse for Rave Master, though, absolutely none. They did a bad job on that one (plus…the original title was “Groove Adventure Rave.” They should have kept it such. Much cooler). Duel Master…well, I don’t know how bad that one is, I never really watch it. On the complimentary side, Big 0 had great voices, in my opinion.

…In conclusion, I’d say “don’t be elitist dicks just yet, because CN has a mixed record of both good and bad handling of anime.” Naruto’s obviously high-profile, they’re not buying it second-hand off another network. It might turn out well.

elitist dicks is an unnecessary insult. I think being elitist is saying that there is no way english dubs will be watchable. I doubt anyone here feels that way. I just find the voices they use now are quite annoying. I think the dubbers try to make the anime appeal more to kids by exaggerating the voices like if a person is supposed to sound gruff they go overboard with it and they also use a lot of squeaky and shrilly voices.

Saying you don’t like something is an opinion. Saying something will never be able to match the quality of something else is either fact or elitist.

Ah, but when I hear the same tired reaction from people regarding the announcement of a new show, is it any wonder that my suspicion of elitist dickism emerges? There is absolutely nothing wrong with any number of the dubs on Cartoon Network. Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Ghost in the Shell, Full Metal Alchemist, Paranoia Agent, Scryed, Witch Hunter Robin, Big 0. Going back farther, even the dub of Tenchi Muyo wasn’t bad when you’re simply listening to it. Only when I became aware of the changes made to the original did I become in the least dissatisfied.

It’s the same BS with the folks who suddenly proclaim the superiority of manga over anime - knocking on something popular or successful. Sure, the label of elitist won’t hold true in every case, but I’d bet you that I’m onto something more often than not.

Again, that is opinion. Lots of people see plenty wrong with the dubs. If you dislike the dubbing of 90% of the anime you see then of course your first reaction when a new anime comes out is going to be “I probably won’t like this.” That is just playing the odds. It is only elitist if you say “dubbed anime will never be as good as subbed anime” or “manga is always superior to anime” without offering factual reasons for why you believe that. Saying the anime does not inspire the same imagination as the manga is opinion and then saying “it is always better” is likely elitist. However if you are like me and say that you like anime better than manga because you enjoy the music it is not elitist because it is based on fact.

I think it is more elitist to say that everyone who gripes about dubbing always has an alterior motive.