well I just started getting into the anime again. It got kind of kiddyish until i saw naruto. now i have all the naruto books and most of the sj mags. so does anyone like naruto? if so your the coolest person alive!! i havent saw the movie yet, but my friend has it, but with english sub-titles. but there is alot more anime that is just as good as naruto. like inyuasha,hikaru no go, one piece, black cat, full metal alchemist, final fantasy unlimited and the new kingdom hearts books. but my personal fav is pokemon!!!..jokes, im kidding, got you for a second didn’t I? well what are your guys fav anime? if you havent seen the naruto move he dies because sasuke kills him, but he turns into the fox demon. my friend told me it and i got mad then i punched him lol im gonna be just as perswaysuve just as sj buy all the naruto stuff because noone wants to be a loser

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Ehm, anyway no, I don’t like Naruto. Perhaps I got spoiled because I read it right after Bleach, but I think it’s really boring. Everything up to know feels like they’ve been battling mid-bosses for 300+ chapters. Yeah, it looks like things are starting to happen now with the Akatsuki, but that was one fucking huge ass prologue.

Naruto had potential. The beginning of the show was fun, but it got dull after the Chuunin Exam Arc. The manga has been boring lately too, and the anime was even worse. Ep 138 - current (180 something) was filler. Now, that’s alot of filler.

Naruto was ok until that ninja came out of a puddle in like episode 4, then it went downhill.

As far as long-ass never-ending animes go, I prefer One Piece to Naruto. But really, shorter series are generally better.

hmmmm…well still my question wasn’t answered what are your fav anime. plus at this very moment im watching the first episode of naruto. looks good but my pc is lagging throwingmouseatthemonitor

Naruto Fan Yeah, I like it. Although, the recent filler is starting to annoy me. It’s good that there’s only one or two episodes of it left.

Orochimaru is a freaking pedophile. That is all.

Yeah, why touch when you can, y’know, FEEL THE SENSATION ON THE BODY entirely.

That made me laugh, and creeped me out at the same time.

WHAT! there is only like 2 episodes left???:scream: :bowser: :fungah:

No, only two episodes of FILLER left. Of course the anime isn’t over, the manga’s way ahead of it.

I’m a Naruto fan (I got converted by my girlfriend). Personally, I think the series is pretty good, I liked the Chuunin Exam Arc and the Retrieve Sasuke Arc. However, I hate watching Naruto fight, he has friggin like 3 moves in his arsenal. That’s why I love episodes that show the chars I don’t see fighting every episode, like Chouji etc. and Shikamaru’s fights are always interesting.

Chocobo Will, Sasuke doesn’t kill Naruto in the movie, your friend was probably joking. I just saw it on Thursday. Oh, and awesome Naruto Flashes:

This person made a bunch of them.

Narato is a great anime, not Bepop or Ghost in the shell great but still good. I recomend watching it in clumps of 5 or more at a time. I first started to wathced on Toonami and thought it was pretty good. After seeing them uncut I can’t watch the american version.

By the way has anyone here only seen the US version?

I like Naruto it is a good show but when you see it in shoen jump or on Cartoonnetwork it is a big turnoff,Why you ask one bad voice actting and two cutting out thing like blood and words that every one says .The manga is bad to a small point like Hinta Vs Nija Fight they won’t go into the Hyuu fight style becesuse know one will get it

it is easyer if i tell people this in person or on teamspeak or vent hard to type it out i want to use differet words but i can’t some words i don’t even know how to spell

I noticed that.

The anime was nice until they started to stalling the episodes…like geesh it started to sound like DragonBall. Not that i am going to stop watching the anime but sincerely they could have done better ‘-’

I’ve read up to the latest chapter release of the manga. It’s ok. I like Naruto, and was obsessed with it for about 2 days. Now I’m just reading it to see if it ends. The movie was ok. Didn’t mean to see that one.

I don’t think it’s gonna end anytime soon… same goes for the fillers -__-

Well I hope not, it’s too soon to end it.