If you posted this on a anime nerd’s forum, you’d get flamed to hell. Luckily, I’m not an anime nerd, so I’m not gonna flame you

I watched naruto before in Japanese and it was pretty boring. I watched it on CN for a minute, and it was fucking horrible. I don’t care, it’s just Naruto

Anime nerds are gonna go complain about the dub changes just so they can sound as cool as the card captor sakura subbies.

The english VA doing Naruto’s voice did a good job of being as close to the Japanese one as possible. I don’t like the opening music. They got rid of the Japanese one (Sasu Harukara, I think) and replaced with ear-raping metal chords and some guy screaming “Rock!” and something undiscernable. While something inevitabely gets lost in the translation, I think they purposely translated it so it would be too happy and too kid-friendly. With the Japanese dialogue, there was some implied seriousness.

Mind you, the first opening the show ever had was a song with the main line “I wanna ROCKS!”, so…

They’ve gone up in quality since then.

ROCKS to the chest!
(WTF does that mean, anyway?)

I like it. It’s nothing spectacular, but hell, it’s a ninja anime. There’s one episode I specifically recommend, I think it’s 108, where they try to find out what Kakashi’s face looks like. My friend who didn’t especially like the series enjoyed that episode.

I think they just don’t have time for the original opening song after they factor in advertising space.

I always liked the “I wanna Rocks!” part. It fit the tone of the show rather well I thought :p.

Yeah but they could play .hack//legend’s song so they should be able to do this

They can play songs on adult swim tooo

They did .hack//SIGN’s as well; and they only cut the beginning and part of the middle of GundamSEED’s opening theme.

I’ve watched a fan-subbed version of Naruto up to episode 100.

What I see on Cartoon Network looks largely censored; the script and voice-acting, as with all things dubbed from Japanese to English, sound amateurish.

Maybe when we can get anime on TV in the 'States as subtitled with the original Japanese voice-track, I’ll actually start watching it on TV. And that way, they wouldn’t have to censor it so much, because you’d need a certain degree of literacy to actually read what the characters are supposed to be saying.

I don’t even bother buying anime on U.S. DVD either, since a lot of that is largely censored as well.

I’ll stick with my fansubs, especially when they make ample use of such phrases as “All Your Base Are Belong to Us!” in places where appropriate.

By anime fans, for anime fans, I always say!

All that said, I’m surprised Cartoon Network is even playing Naruto, let alone the fact that they decided to start releasing it comercially in the 'States.

“I don’t even bother buying anime on U.S. DVD either, since a lot of that is largely censored as well.”

What have you been buying on dvd? DBZ type stuff? Usualy the U.S. dvds are uncensored

I liked the 2 episodes of naruto i saw on cartoon network. I have seen up to around episode 80 of the fan subs of naruto. the theme song sucked and they edited out most blood-- but i was expecting it to be raped like one peice was… so im happy with it. i might change my mind later once i see more than the first two episodes, but for now i think cartoon network did an alright job with it.

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Wait what? What was wrong with Naruto on cartoon network? I thought everyone thought it was very well done.

Sometimes the fillers are cute (to me)but the Manga is waaaaaay better

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