I have waited for this show to finally come to toonami, and its about time. At the beginning of summer, they showed that it was coming to toonami, but they didnt say when. After three months of waiting when they would tell, they finally say september 10th. So hurray for naruto!!! Any who, any of you guys or gals waited for naruto, or knew when it was going to come?

As long as it didn’t get totally raped in the ass (ala One Piece).

It won’t get raped up the ass but ViZ is doing the translation and the like so if its anything like the manga version it’ll be similar to the actual storyline but the attack names and characterization will be done horribly. Recently saw a list of the VAs for it and most of the skilled VAs I know of only have bit parts. Naruto’s VA is an older obese woman who, based on her demo, has no voices that would work for Naruto. And Sasuke’s VA is likely to make him sound like a 30 year old chain smoker. It’s shaping up to be very, very shitty.

I just wish they’d stop showing commercials for it during EVERY break (it seems). I’m all about promotion, but come on!
I’m looking forward to checking it out, especially since I don’t really know anything about it and don’t really have any expectations.

You mean Narudo, right?

Is it just me or does “Art of the Doppelganger” sound really lame? ;(

It’s not just you. And you knew that.

I fear what they end up calling Rasengan and Chidori if they get that far. Especially if they make it so Naruto and Sasuke scream the name of the attack before its used. I have a hard time taking that seriously.

They’re probably gonna call Rasengan, Wind Spiral, and Chidori, Thousand Birds. Btw, is it coming out on YTV or just Toonami?

Dunno, all i know is its coming this saturday to toonami, and i cant wait to see it becasue my friend saw a bunch of episodes in japanese, he had to watch somthing in japanese for his class, and what is better than to choose an anime, and he told me it was really worth seeing. Im not sure what time either, ill find out though.

9-11 PM EST. They’ll show the first two eps at 9 and then show them again at 10.

Do people here still watch it? I gave up on it, the filler is just way too boring.

man, i read like 3 manga from this and about threw up.

Okay so it wasn’t that bad, but I had a tough time getting into it. I think’s it’s fallen victim to the “new manga/anime” syndrom. =
It just didn’t pull me into it like I’d hoped it would…

The series should have quit after 76 or so in my opinion. I have watched through 145 and can count on less than one hand the number of good episodes past 76. They are mostly all a rehash of either the same exact plots or just the same themes OVER and OVER and OVER. It’s really dumb. I think if someone condensed the whole naruto series to around 60 episodes by removing all the fluff, all the flashbacks, all the plot-repeats, etc. it would be an incredible series. As it stands I was a fan of it, but now it just makes me twitch.

Man, I sure do love steriotyped shounen so much that I almost get sick watching this show. From pleasure. I love terrible characters, a nowhere-bound storyline and three quarters of my show being pointless banter.
Now I’m going to go watch some Dragonball Z, or YuGi Oh! and blow my brains out, if I’m lucky.

YTV is getting it as well.

Naruto is great if you just stick to reading the manga.

Kinda lost it’s luster after the chunin exam. Manga is a little dull, but Kisame is pretty freaking awesome.

the bad thing about the manga is it doesn’t have the music and I actually like the music. Listening to the OST on the side doesn’t quite have the same effect.

My buddy has some DVDs of the show, actually close to 120 episodes. He said he bought them at an anime store in Atlanta. I watched a few episodes, and at first I was like, “This is the dumbest, most childish shit i’ve ever seen put to DVD.” However, after a few episodes, it starts getting extremely funny, surprisingly enough. Now, that was with Japanese voices and subs, mind you, so if the english voices suck, I could see it sucking, but it was funny if you stick with it.