Narnia (Spoilers must be tagged!)

Who’s seen it?

I loved it, the movie had some damn nice story elements and the visuals were fantastic for the most part.

I felt that some scenes could have been handled better by the young actors but over all they did a nice job in their roles. The battle scene at the end was my favorite part simply because of all the visuals.

Story-wise, my only issue was that the children seemed to grow very fond of Narnia and were able to gather the courage to risk their lives in such a seemingly short amount of time.

The movie certainly didn’t feel rushed for me, untill the end however. But I assume that it made sense in the context of what happened.

Good movie, go see it.

Im seeing it tomorow, and i hope it will be good. Most likely it will if you said it was good, because if an adult says its good, then it is good. I didnt htink it would be good, because its PG, and they have a battle scene, and i thought it would be stupid to have a movie that shows battles and crap, and is PG would most likely be dumb.

Theres almost no gore, but since 99% of the creatures are CG, they get away with a bit more violence than you might expect. Stuff DIES even…!

no emma watson? this will never stack up against HP.

I would but can’t until at least the 26th. That’s when the premiere is in bloody Norway.

I’m going tonight. But yeah, a lack of Emma Watson is kinda a turnoff.

How does it compare to the book?

Damn, I loved this movie. Dunno why, but I was close to tears like 800 different times.