Nanaca Crash

My record:

That’s my best so far. Can you do better?

Oh my god this is old. How long ago was it that it was posted?

Anyway my record is a healthy 8000-something. I forget exactly what it was.

Mine was 3000 something. I was pretty addicted to this a couple months ago.

My record is around 9500.


Luck is good. =D

Aww man, I had a screenshot where I got just over 20k, but I lost it. Oh well, you’ve gotten me hooked on this game again.

Hah, I own!

Nul, you are teh Nanaca Crash master.

I just did 12369.77 now.

What the hell IS this game about anyway? (FYI: I haven’t the speed to load the damn thing)


Hahahaha i’m about to bump a thread way back to the top of the forums just to answer this question! Feel proud!

Anyway, its based on a scene from an H-Game, where the soon to be raped loli bumps into her raper on a bike. There arn’t that many characters in the scene, but the game is fanservice so they put in the rest of the characters from the game as cameos.