Name This Game (Actually a help me remember the name)

I played a MORPG in 2000 and I cannot remember the name of it. By all accounts it was very similar to Runescape, but I’m sure it wasn’t. Here are the details that I remember about it:

You could play for a certain period of time (30 days, or hours or up to level 30, I can’t remember) before you had to buy membership. You could drop trade to a new account tho once your time was up.

You started off in an open enclosure, and teleported to the world by going through a tele device. If you headed due North, you would get to the main town where there was a bank and shop (and prolly a few other things).

There was a trapdoor in the shop that led to the mines. You could mine certain materials at differing levels, and the further down you went, the darker it became.

You could pk almost anywhere, but you had to type @pk (or !pk, cant remember)to activate your pking abilities. If you were below a certain level, people could not pk you (level 30 if I recall). You could pk in the mines, which miners didn’t like much!

You could teleport to different areas by typing @Go soccer (I think that was the command). And yup, there really was a soccer pitch!

Later on they implimented a duelling arena aswell. Type @Go duel to get there.

Spells I recall were wall of fire/flame, and lightning bolt.

You could make global announcements in your shoutbox to everyone over a certain level by typing !message here.

Pking was rampant, but had severe repercussions if taken too far. You could report if someone pk’d you and they would get a small white bar above their head, as they pk’d more, the bar would get bigger and if big enough they could be pk’d anywhere (in banks etc).

It was 2D based and skeletons in the dungeon north of the bank were a favourite training ground for me.

When you died, you went back to the open enclosure thingy!

To get new spells, you had to recieve them as drops from monsters in form of books. The more books of the same spell you gathered, and read, the more damage the spell would do (higher level the spell got)

There was also a maze type mini game, and there was a countdown for the game to start. If too many people were there, it would be hard to make it to the end, so you could just pk em all before the game started.

I’m sure more will come to mind, but hopefully someone here can remember the games name! Google has not been my friend!

Sounds vaguely like Ultima Online. Vaguely.

Didn’t UO only have 3 stats (at least initially)? I’d think he would remember that.

Yeah, it’s probably not UO due to the whole spellcasting thing. I just remembered the graveyard slightly north of town being great for exp.

Couldn’t resist.


Pking was rampant