Name that tune...

Well hi all, I remember using this forum a while back and it served me well so I thought why not do it again?

Anyway, For those of you who’ve played the re-release of FF VI for the PS1 you’ll have noticed the cool FMV at the start of the game. I’d like to know what the tune is called that’s playing and if there’s any MIDI’s about or even better, some sheet music.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Is it not simply called “Opening Theme?”

Well you would have thought so, but if you think about it the opening theme is where the storm clouds show and the organs start to play (form the original FF VI). So it’s not that :\

Don’t you mean the one called “Terra” (or “World theme”)?

It starts with a piano (minor chords) and if my memory serves me well it’s similar to the original starting sequence where they approach Narshe.

I’ll find some screenshot if i can…

ah yes, here we are:

Click Here

Open the link and click next to view the shots from the FMV.

It could be prelude.

Yep, it’s a variation of the opening theme, which is called “Terra” or “Tina” in Japanese.

Any idea what this version is called?

The particular song isn’t on any OSTs, or anything like that, so the song is unnamed. 8(

However, if you want to make an MP3 of it, it shouldn’t be hard. Use a program like PSMplay, put FFVI in the CD-ROM slot, and browse the XA audio files until you find the song; it should be in there somewhere. 8)

Well i can do that but i guess that means theres no sheet music available :\

Oh well, gonna have to work it out :slight_smile:

I know there’s sheet music available for FFVI. Try ; you should be able to find something there. I’m almost certain there’s FFVI music available; such a wonderful soundtrack wouldn’t go unnoticed.

The prelude is the music AFTER that screen and shows up in a few other games as well.

Terra is the overworld theme as well.

:moogle: I always thought it was the prelude:moogle: