Name That Game!

I did something like this awhile ago, and it was fun. (Or at least I thought so.) So I decided to try again.

Test your knowledge of obscure games!

Download that file. It contains 12 screenshots taken from 12 different NES games. See how many of them you can identify.

Winners get…well, nothing. Sorry. But you can feel good about yourself for it. ^^

Please post answers in spoiler tags.

1: Castelian

That’s all I know. :stuck_out_tongue: That game gave me migraines.

1-12. No idea.

You’re right, I do feel good about myself.
Good about myself because I couldn’t guess a single one and therefore, obviously, must have a life!

All I know is this. And I thought I was good. 8(

4: Action 52 (the game being Cheetahmen, of course)

5: Back to the Future

7: Fire N’ Ice

I got number 5. So I guess that makes me pretty cool.

<img src=“”> Here is my answer, put in spoilers.

Game 1. Deadly Towers

Game 2. Contra

Game 3. Willow

Game 4. Kartate Kid

Game 5. Skate or Die

Game 6. ET

Game 7. Solmon Key

Game 8. Forget

Game 9. Gargoyle Quest

Game 10. Faxandu

Game 11. Sweet Home

Game 12. James Bond

3: Willow

5: Back to the Future

6: Fester’s Quest. Now stop reminding me to shrine it you weenie.

And that’s all I know.

Oh and Rirse, I’d hate to tell you, but I’m pretty sure you’re wrong on most of the answers.

<img src=“”> I know that most of those answers are wrong. It just easier to list all of them, with some wrong, then leave them blank. :smiley: Work on Fester Quest shrine!

Those make kickass backgrounds.

1. Castelian level 1 Wizard’s Tower (My friend has this game)

Actually, it’s Level 3, the “Trap of Tricks”. I can’t beat it. :slight_smile:


And that’s all the fuck I know. And only know this because eons ago, I owned said game (and Movie).

  1. Low G Man

  2. Willow

  3. Back to the Future

  4. Fester’s Quest

  5. Kickle Cubicle?

I don’t know the others, and would rather not guess. These were on the whole harder than the previous ones.

It was intended like that. :mwahaha:

Just so those who guessed aren’t left stumped, on Friday, I’ll give you all the answers. How’s that sound?

Alright…here are the answers, Spoilerised for those who still want to take a shot.

1: Castellian
2: Low-G Man
3: Willow
4: Action 52
5: Back to the Future
6: Fester’s Quest
7: Fire 'n Ice
8: Robo Warrior
9: Snow Brothers
10: Legendary Wings
11: Adventures in the Magical Kingdom
12: Captain Planet

Thanks for playing! :cool: