Name that game - Playstation style!

I played this game on a demo disc back around 1997 when I first got my Playstation, and I don’t remember the name of it. The demo was still in Japanese, and the character you controlled had this walking Magitek-like armor…and you moved crates or something. Also, the characters were drawn anime style.

Anyone know the name of this game?

It wasn’t Armored Core, was it?

Also, do you know what variety of demo disc it was? A Playstation Underground disc, or a O.P.M disc or anything?

AC didn’t have any anime style characters, nor did you push crates. You just blew shit up with the 6 weapons availible in the demo. I have the demo disc from 97 laying around my house somewhere, but I don’t remember anything similar to what you are talking about.

It wasn’t Armored Core, and don’t remember what kind of a demo disc it was on. I just can’t remember ever seeing anything about it AFTER that demo pertaining to a US release. :frowning:

Also, I seem to recall the demo taking place on a dock of sorts. Maybe even one in the sky. Not sure. :confused:

Ghost in the Shell maybe, you didn’t push crates but you played as a tank from the manga which can climb along the surface of walls ceilings etc.

In the demo you collect pass keys by killing certain enemies to enter a warehouse and fight a big tank on a dock…

Sounds HELLA similiar to Faselei! though that only came out for NGPC…was there a playstation version annonced?

Sounds like the Misadventures of Tron Bonne. One of the types of missions (the puzzle one) in Tron Bonne has her in her mech thingy stealing crates of stuff (and moving crates around) at a dock. And the characters are certainly drawn in anime style in that game.

That game came out quite a bit after 1997, though…

July 1999 in Japan. How early do they make the demos?

It wasn’t Faselei!, Ghost in the Shell, or Tron Bonne. :frowning:

The only thing I really remember about it is the mech, and it was pretty much identical to a suit of Magitek Armor from FF6. The arms looked like army tank treads though, and I believe you could swing them around windmill style.

Oh well, thanks for trying guys. :slight_smile:

It still sounds a lot like Tron, mostly because you mentioned a dock, crates, etc etc.

If it’s not a puzzler, then what?

I don’t know. It definitely wasn’t Tron though.