name one movie that doesent have a gun

movies that take place when guns havent been invented dont count

cant do it can you?:booster:

Cube, Cast Away, Office Space, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (possibly the first 2 as well), The Full Monty, Beethoven, Revenge of the Nerds…

You suck.

Only one? I could, but why? Trying to make a point?

You suck too. TMNT3 has guns in it too, in fact it is a story point.

Saving Private Ryan.

RHPS doesn’t have a gun. It does have a pitch-fork laser, though. I don’t recall there being guns in Anchorman, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, or Kentucky Fried Movie [edit: forgot Cleopatra Schwartz], either.

Pokemon the movie.
Probably any porn movie.
Spirited Away.

The directors cut of ET


Oh no wait, sorry, that was the best bit :wink:

Oh? I’m thinking about the time travel one, and by guns I meant guns, not cannons. I can’t recall it actually having guns.

Dirty Dancing

American Splendor.

There are hundreds. What is your point?

Anchorman had a gun. Remember the big rumble scene? Steve Carell’s character shoots a man.

He does not. Brick Tamland used a trident, and a hand grenade.

I coulda sworn someone used a gun, or at least brandished it, during the rumble scene.

Somebody had a flamethrower, if that’s what you are reffering to.

No. I mean a handgun. However, I think a flamethrower and grenade basically count for whatever the hell the topic creator was getting at.

Legally Blonde

any movie created for small children.

I don’t think you’re crazy, since I remember someone with a revolver as well.