Name as many obscure RPGs

that you DON’T see listed on the RPGC Database.

I can think of one. It’s called Odium. (Known outside North America as Gorky 17). It’s also being re-released (By Topware, makers of it and Septerra Core) in its Best of Games: Role Playing. (Which I curse Futureshop and Best buy for never having despite having strategy and action available.)

Can anybody think of any others?

PS: I plan to make an Odium shrine once I finish my Heroes (PC/Mac and Gameboy) Shrine.

Final Fantasy IV?

Aleshar: World of Ice

<strike>Castle of the Winds</strike> bugger.

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Superhero League of Hoboken

Why the fuck is there a slot for a Maple Story shrine? Also, is this just limited to PC RPGs?

Nope, just click on a link to the left in that manu section to see the Databases for other systems too!

Black Onyx (or maybe they called the NES port Super Black Onyx?)
Famicom Jump 1, 2
Goemon Gaiden 1, 2
Hokuto no Ken 3, 4 (and 5 for SNES)
Hoshi wo Miru hito (working on a translation of this, planning to call it Stargazers)
Shin Satomi Hakkenden (a different game than Satomi Hakkenden, kinda resembles Bloody Warriors)
Mirai Shinwa Jarvas
Momotaro Densetsu (you already have Gaiden listed, which is a seperate game)

I initially though Dream Master, but I think that’s more on the puzzle genre.

Galaxy Oddyssey (combines Action-RPG planet exploration with a space shmup)

3x3 Eyes - Seima Korinden (aka 3x3 Eyes - Advent of the Divine Demon)
Maka Maka (or Maka-Maka)

Rage of Mages I&II for the PC. Fun games, both of them. edit: Also Deus Ex 2

How rpg-ish is Gorky? I had the impression it was in the vein of Incubation (squad where you can buy wepons/some equipment and hp can raise but is rather a strategy game). Regarding this best-of series Septerra Core was good if a bit obnoxious sometimes and Jack Orlando is a good noir adventure.

Gorky/Odium is more in the vein of FF tactics or Kartia, but it more closely resembles Vandal Hearts in the way it plays. Your characters level up, as do their skills with various weapons as they use them more. For guns it can be a bit more difficult to do so due to limited ammo, so levelling your melee weapons is crucial. Also, with each level your characters get a raise in HP and a choice of stat to level up as well. It’s a difficult game though, you need to keep every character alive.

Metal Saga and Steambot Chronicles were not on the list. I figure they would be considered obscure years from now.

Well… they don’t have to be “obscure” just on any particular system but not on the list.

I thought of another RPG for the PC. Blaze and Blade.

Etrian Odyssey
Ar Tonelico
System Shock
Megatraveler I and II
Elder Scrolls: Arena, Battlespire(that one sucks ass, thought.)
Martian Dreams

Many of them can be found on Abandonware sites.

Ahh fuck, both of mine are listed.

Sword of Hope (GB) - which I’d like to shrine after I finish my work-in-progress.

Strangely enough, the sequel is listed.

Any MMORPG that isn’t WoW

Brave Story/ Luminous Arc/ Heroes of Mana/ Baten Kaitos 2/ All of the Summon Night games except for 1,2, and Swordcraft Story 1/ Magna Carta 1/ Growslander 5 and 6/ Drag-on Dragoon 2/ FFXII/ Shining Wind, Tears, Force EXA/ Tales of Rebirth, the Abyss/ any of the SRW games that came out after the days of the SuperNES/ the .//hack GU games/ Front Missions 4 and 5/ ect…

Akajukin Chacha (I think, but I haven’t gotten far enough to kill anything)
Albert Odyssey 1 and 2 (strategy games count?)
Ancient Magic
Beasts & Blades (strategy)
Benkei Gaiden - Suna no Shou
Blue Crystal Rod (I think it’s a first-person RPG, but I can’t figure out what I’m doing)
Bounty Sword (a strategy game)
Crystal Beans from Dungeon Explorer (more of a Gauntlet ripoff, but if the TG16 installment of DE counts…)
Daikaiju Monogatari I and II
Eien no Filena (Eternal Filena)
Elfaria I and II
Esparks - Ijigen kara no Houmonsha
Galaxy Robo (strategy game)
Gokinjo Boukentai
Hero Senki - Project Olympus (another Banpresto mech-anime crossover game)
Idea no Hi (Day of the Idea)
Jungle Wars 2 (as well as its predecessor for the Game Boy)
King Arthur & The Knights of Justice
The Last Battle
Light Fantasy I and II
Love Quest (it’s an ADULT (licensed oddly enough) RPG, so I don’t know if you want it listed)
Mahoujin Guruguru 1 & 2
Monster Maker III (definitely an RPG, but there’s also Monster Maker Kids, which is a board-game/RPG hybrid)
(Nekketsu Tairiku) Burning Heroes
Ryuhikei Dan Danzarb (recently translated by AGTP as Dragon Squadron Danzarb)
SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Story: The Great Prophecy
SD Gundam Gaiden 2
Shi Ki Eiyu Den
Shin Momotarou Densetsu
Solid Runner
Song Master
Sword World SFC 1 & 2
Tenshi no Uta (Song of the Angel)
Verne World
Xak: The Art of Visual Stage
Not sure if it’s worth listing the missing Ultimas and Might and Magics.
And some missing alternate titles of listed games.

I’m surprised that Savage Empire wasn’t on the list.

The Caverns of Zoarre
Never Winter Nights (the 1980-s original)
Cobra Mission and Mad Paradox (They have Knights of Xentar… why not these?)

edit: I’d say this discussion has been pretty successful… hopefully some or most if not all of these games can be added to the appropriate lists =D

Starting on the list of Japanese monochrom/Super Game Boy games you’ve never heard of (and a couple you may have):
Atelier (Elie & Marie versions)
Ayakushi no Shiro
Chachamaru Boukenki 3 - Abyss no Tou
Dragon Slayer Gaiden
Fushigi no Dungeon : Fuurai no Shiren GB
Gargoyle’s Quest 1 & 2 (though I’ve heard the English GB version of 2 never came out, only the Japanese version Red Areemer 2 was released).
God Medicine & God Medicine FB (enhanced version, translated by AGTP)
Legend of Xerd (okay, this was reportedly one of the only GB games to crash on a GBC:booster:)
Magic Knight/Mahou Kishi Rayearth 1 & 2
Masakari Densetsu
Momotarou Densetsu Gaiden
Monster Maker 1 & 2
Musashi Road
Super Chinese Land 3 (Japanese-only sequal to Ninja Boy 2) & SCL3 Dash (upgraded version)

There’s probably a lot more, but I’m tired now.

SNES: Princess Minerva.

So there were two GB Gargoyle’s Quest games? In the U.S. there was only the nes one and the GB one (well demon’s crest too but that wouldn’t ever fit in a GB cartridge).