Namco X Capcom Trailer

Seems like a fun game. Voice acting is nice, and I like the music. Oh, and Strider looks kickass. The anime scenes look cool.

Why bother? It’s never coming over here anyway. I’m not following the news of that game for that reason alone.

When did they announce that it’s not coming out over here? That’s not like Namco or Capcom…

I seriously hope this game comes over here it looks awsome,and I already saw the three minute trailer.

No one said it wouldn’t come out here, but there’s a lot of doubt about it since there’s so much content in there that was never released Stateside. No one’s said it will come out here either.
It would definitely rock, though.

Hmm … is there any way to get that to open in Media Player Classic instead of the current WMP? (Or, for that matter, to download it altogether?)

I’ll correct myself :

Why bother for a game that has a 99% chance of NOT coming over here due to the sheer amount of translation job and voice-acting (it’s Namco, they’ll want an english version of the voice acting)

Namco managed with Xenosaga. Although admittedly its second offering was lacklustre compared to the first.

And the first wasn’t even that good.

I liked the Tekken 5 way of doing things : character’s chinese, he speaks the language, he’s american, he speaks english, he’s korean, he speaks korean. Best voice-acting ever in my opinion.