Namco merges with Bandai

I really am speechless with this

Think they’ll make a Namco vs Bandai crossover game? Like characters from Tekken fighting Gundams?

Wow… I wonder what the new name their going to use is. I doubt “Bandai Namco Holdings” is the customer-friendly name they’re going to slap on their products…

But, really, wow. RIP, house that Pac-Man built.

This is actually pretty good. The 2 companies that were working the revive the industry, and be creative, now working together? This seems like a merger of equals, and i’m excited more than dismayed.

Good, I was afraid EA would target them at some point. I wonder what’ll come out of this.

I was really kinda hoping that Namco would have merged with Sega. After the Sega Sammy merger, though, I lost hope.

You never know. They could do some kind of “EA-Asia” move, and Sammy could buy out this new company. Although i think it would be more likely that Capcom or Konami would buy out this new Namdai company, considering they hate each other too much (and have different styles) to merge with one another, and are also the only 2 companies that <i>have not</i> merged yet.

I wonder what it must be like for the poor investors who have stock in these nikkei video game companies :P. Another day another merger, that must be nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not just Japan with these mergers. I’ve heard rumor that Comcast is going to merge into TimeWarner.

Speaking of mergers, what’s up with phone companies? AT+T got scooped up by SBC, and now Verizon is in a bidding war over MCI. What was it a while back? Comcast and Singulair? Crazy stuff is afoot…

Yea, right now the big thing is Verizon and MCI, but MCI is shit anyway (lol we’re good at long distance lololol welcome to 10 years ago when anyone needed than >:3), and Verizon is pretty much only buying them to take them off the market. What is it? 70000 jobs verizon is cutting from MCI? Do they even have that many?

And i hadn’t heard about the Comcast > TimeWarner thing, but doesn’t Viacom own Comcast and ClearChannel own Time Warner? If so, then they can’t really merge, because then it would be more of a merger of divisions than companies :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks congress. You guys did a fine job breaking up Ma-Bell, but how about preventing it from reforming? Seriously, this thing is like, undestructable, you break it apart and it builds itself again :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember that funny little thing that said that companies should not be able to buy out every other company and have complete control of their markets? Now I foresee the arrival of PWNED .INC

First Sq-En, now this?!

I had heard the comcast > TimeWarner thing from a Verizon DSL employee, so it could be something he just pulled outta his ass to try to keep me from going with Cable internet. Anyway, back to cellular mergers, Sprint and Nextel merged a few months ago, too.

Mergers aren’t necessarily about that. A particularly special one produced me about 21 years ago, after all.

Won’t be long until we see some weird kind of Gundam/Tales of Whatever crossover, I reckon.

Jesus, I hope not. I hope that all of Bandai’s franchises just get dissolved in the merger, with the possible exception of .hack (though I wouldn’t be too heartbroken if it went away, either). Seriously, I can’t think of a single good thing Bandai has produced.

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They made some good gundam games. =\

“Good” and “Gundam” are a contradiction of terms. Having said that, regardless of how good or bad Chubby Cherub may or may not have been, I never played it because that box art had me terrified.