Naked time for Dumbledoor!

So wrong, so very vey wrong. I laughed my ass off.


snicker ^^

A little to the right, no no a little more,


((sorry, the laptop I’m on has a broken period key and I have to use commas,))

My brother saw the ending part awhile back and now says “It’s naked time” right before it’s time for him to take a bath.

These are so very old. Yet so very funny.

… The naked man scares me. Make him go away!

I lked the part where he stopped moving.

I’ve seen them before, pretty good.

I know.

hey what do you know. death does have a fear.

:moogle: who would of guessed?

Saw the a LOOOOOOOONG time ago. Still awsome.

Still funny. Just to refresh our memories.

Very. very odd. But yet strangely funny.