n00b to pick on, I mean, Hey *_^

No, I don’t even think the groove I use can roll. I do C groove, cos I think the only noteworthy feature in any groove that can help my fighting style is Airblock. And shit, I’m so used to not having it that I never use it anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t matter…I can win easily because everyone tries to play with these crazy ass newfangled tactic. Everyone underestimates the value of old-timer experience. …Not like that’s a bad thing for me though, I kick ass. :stuck_out_tongue:

And to answer your first questions, yeah I do go chill at arcades every once in a while, but there ain’t no CvS2s at my arcades. I just play XMen Vs Street Fighter. I still think that’s the only good crossover game.

Hi there :smiley:
Yes, girls love RPGs. At least I do <.<

Yes, there are girls who love to play RPG’s. well, I know I do.
Lil’ sis: Chris-chris, I don’t think dragon’s can play RPG’s…
Who says? As soon as I get my human form back, I’ll be able to do whatever I want!:slight_smile:

Anyways, welcome. I’m your average dragon girl who loves to play. Do you wanna play?:smiley:


Dynamite is not a plaything!

…I mean…Hi…

goes back to stitching his arm back on

Welcome to the boards. And watch out for my particular Terrible Trio.

[crashes into something] Ow!

Watch it, Onslaught! You’ll scare the Numan … uh, I mean, Nubie away! Also, hi there! I am Dynamo, the GREATEST –

– idiot since Chrono Trigger’s idiotic recurring villain!

Y’mean yourself, Dalton?

Hey, shut up, Mayl!!

Hi. And stuff.

I second this notion and/or service…

Hiya, I be Val, the saddest Female Gamer there ever was. Sad as in pathetic, not depressed, I’m anything but that! :slight_smile:

Anyway, learn to love me, for everyone else does eventually :slight_smile:

Originally posted by SilverStorm
[b]Dynamite is not a plaything!

…I mean…Hi…

goes back to stitching his arm back on [/b]

Of course it is, what are you on?

Oh and…welcome 'round. ^^


Just to say, I’m more into GGXX and 3S than CvS2, but I play it. Kim/Akuma/Sagat(2) in K for me. RCing doesn’t get past a Just Defend.

does the welcome dance

Welcome. This might come in handy in the future Gives cobra_waltz a large rubber mallet As you can see, we are perfectly sane (cough, cough)

I am also a Female Gamer.

Hey, welcome.


Welcome to the boards.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Die. And hello.

TD, the line is “Hello and … goodbye.”

:suckah: What you talkin’ ‘bout now, foo!? An’ how come yo sprite’s bigger’n me!? Yo distractin’ me from ma job, which is doin’ nothin’!