n00b to pick on, I mean, Hey *_^

Greetings! I’m a new member at RPG classics and thought I would introduce myself to your community.

I’m not on the net that much, except when I’m at work, but I wanted to join in some conversations and meet some peeps.

Big shout out to Skankin’ Garbage. SG, you still da bomb!

I actually have the pleasure of hanging out with FLINTEDGE in real life… he’s my buddy and we chill all the time. In fact, we are going to head over and hang with (kidnap, heh) EDEN and his pals. We will post pictures. (Does EDEN even know?!) This is gonna be great!

I don’t actually play too many rpgs, but I am good discussing who would win a fight, possibly between SUPER MARIO and LINK.

Do girls play RPGs?? Anyone play CAPCOM vs. SNK 2? My goal is to play PARTY PARTY 3 when I’m drunk. I love these smilies

James out.:kissy:


Hullo. I live near you, too.

welcome to the boards. i am zhou yu. you don’t know it yet, but i’m the reason you’re here.

seriously though…welcome!


You win the “most over the map post” award!

Anyway, yo, nice to meet you.

I don’t actually play too many rpgs, but I am good discussing who would win a fight, possibly between SUPER MARIO and LINK.

Samus would own

And whats with those words in Caps? Don’t know how to use shift?

Greetings, and welcome…

Before you continue, I must ask you to donate $500 to the Glenton Perservation fund…

Hello and welcome to the boards. Oh and yes, surprisingly enough, girls do play RPGs =P.

Sir Percival,

Have you met Eden? Do you wanna hang out in Vancouver with Flintedge and myself? That would be bomb!


I solve internet problems. I’m a geek.p:unch::

As a girl who plays rpgs, I say… “LOOK! Bread!” runs away

…hi. :slight_smile:

How do I get my ugly mug on this board? Maybe under my name? Hook a brutha up.


Oh, err, I mean, hi. One of Eden’s friends. Yo.

…>.> <.<

Hey, welcome to the board man. And yeah, we should just gather everyone in Vancouver together.

Heyhey. :wave:

How many peeps from 604 are there? Gotta represent. Do you wanna party? holla

Hey dude. You’re the one I used to talk about with fighting games a lot, I assume? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, since last time we talked, I have taken a liking to Capcom Vs SNK 2. I still think supers in it are stupid, and that all SNK characters suck except Mai and Nakoruru, but it’s aight. It’s the only old-school style game that I can find around these days. I figure I might as well just get into it.

Yeah man, It’s cool.

Do you hit up the arcades in Cali?

I can use like over 20 different characters… can you Roll Cancel? (go through moves)

Welcome to the boards :slight_smile:

Hello, welcome to the forums ^^

Hello; Whether you are at the same area or not.
It is an honour to see you at the ‘RPGClassics Agora’.
Welcome to ‘our world’.