Mystic Quest

I just played through all of it in 3 days. It was pathetic. I know it was made for beginners, but I didn’t believe it could be as bad as everyone said. It was worse. The one thing that is driving me nuts is the game for some reason keeps crashing in the middle of the final boss fight, so I don’t get to see the ending, even if I cheat and use the Cure way. So can someone please tell me what happens in the end. ::dekar!::

God, I feel weird, being one of only five people on the internet to openly admit that they loved Mystic Quest.

Anyway, what happens is: You defeat the Dark King, you learn that the old man who was helping you all along was the Crystal of Light, stuff happens, you return home, ask Kaeli’s father for his ship, go mett everyone else in the game, meet for one final reunion at the end before sailing off, and find Tristam snuck onto the ship with you, so you and he sail off into the sunset for many <strike>homoerotic episodes</strike>Glorious adventures together. the end.

I didn’t love Mystic Quest, but I thought it was a fun little game. I enjoyed it more than (say) FF8.

You HEATHEN! I must be one of the only people that love FF8.

I really like FF8, but it really started to blow around “Insert disk 2”

I really liked Mystic Quest, as pitiful as it sounds it was a highlight of the FF’s for me. Info, I loved FFVIII too.

The farthest i ever got in MQ was “jump this cliff”.

Mystic Quest is easily the most under-rated Final Fantasy game (which isn’t difficult, since almost every FF game is fantastic, but still grossly over-rated).

Mystic Quest is the worst of the SNES FFs, but it’s still a great game. Of course, I’m a huge fan of short “lite” RPGs (Mario RPGs, Spike McFang, Threads of Fate, etc.), so I may a little biased.

I, too, liked Mystic Quest. I don’t know why…I just always did. And it had some bitchin’ music. Darr King theme = teh r0xx0r.

On another note, FF8 is one of my favorate FFs.

I tried playing Mystic Quest, but I never got past the the first real boss… (That red dinosaur skeleton…)

I kept dying over and over and in the end I gave up…
People say that it’s one of the easiest games ever, but I just couldn’t beat that boss :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhm it IS one of the easiest. And I loved Mytic Quest. The soundtrack rocks more than most other games, and it’s just mindless fun, RPG-style.

Er… I really really really liked FFMQ… I for some reason was REALLY into the HP thing. I liked how it worked with the little lines… And the boxes… I also like FF8… Though I have yet to finish it… I usually never finish my RPGs : \

Haha. Yea. I didn’t think Mystic Quest was the best game ever, but it’s still fun to play through. FFVIII was just icky.

But yea, Mystic Quest is one of those games you’d only want to beat once or twice, maybe three times if you’re really bored. VIII’s a game you just want to beat once.

Or repeatedly…like me.

I just recently managed to get MQ and play it. Pathetically easy. The music was cool, and that was about the only redeeming quality. Since essentially every enemy in the game could be killed in two hits (except for the few that cast cure on themselves), I found the combat irritating and tedious. I was so glad when I destroyed the last battlefield. Damn I hated those things.
The dungeons were neat, but the preset enemy locations made them too long for me. The multiple images for enemies were neat, but since most didn’t live that long, the extra effort was rather wasted mostly. The boss battles were actually decent, if not challenging. I rather enjoyed fighting the Dark King. Then I checked the shrine and saw that casting cure on him killed him right quick, so I went back and beat him again. That was funny.
If only the regular battles weren’t just so tedious, it could have been a good game.

or until the disk melts from over use…like me.

i thought mystic quest was fun. dinky but fun. :moogle:

Thanks Esker, but yeah I do have to agree with you guys, I did like the music, espically the final boss music, but besides that it was just to simple and easy. Although I guess that was the purpose of the game to be for beginners and to attract new gamers to RPGs. Oh well, I guess I have played games worse than FFMQ so I can’t complain too much.

I really like MQ,is one of my favorites.Must be because it’s the first RPG i ever finished after i finished MQ i went and finished FFIV.

The great thing about Mystic Quest is that it’s an ego-boosting game. Whenever I feel like the poop because I’m getting my ass handed to me severaltimes over at some point in a game, and feel like I can’t play games for shit, I just play Mystic Quest. It perks me right up, since it’s near impossible to suck at that game!

…Yeah, I know, I’m pathetic.

No kidding.

Quiet, you. Don’t make me have to put you in time-out again.

I got MQ a couple of months ago, but I haven’t played it yet. I played the rom and played it when a uncle of mine had it, btu I just have too many other better games that I havent gotten around to it. With FF11, it’ll probably be even longer. The battles are tedious, but it isn’t too bad and it has some nice ideas.