My Xbox got the Red Ring of Death

:frowning: nt

Oh fuck, I’m sorry man :(. At least it has that super warranty from MS.

And at least the hard drive is removable so that you don’t lose your saves.

Yeah mine got it just recently while I was lending it to my brother.

What am I supposed to do

You contact Microsoft, probably their Xbox hot line and then they’ll probably send you a box to have you ship it to them and they’ll send you a refurbished one. I think.

This happened to my buddy and he said he had a new one in 12 days. It’s looking good except they outsourced my call to some pakistani guy and I dunno if he got my information right.

Alright cool. I’ll get this shit goin’.

See that’s the only reason I don’t want one.

Its really no big deal, you mail yours in and they mail you a new one. Not bad if you bought used really.

But honestly, it’s not like Sony is the gold standard when it comes to hardware design; they build crap just like the next guy. If anybody is good on the hardware its Nintendo. Too bad ‘fun games’ is a concept that eludes them.

The CEO or president of Capcom once went on a tirade at Sony in a big show when he was giving a speech because of Sony’s shitty hardware. He had had to buy multiple PS1s and PS2s for his kids and he resented having had to do that. It was awesome. Rast, the founder of this site, once picked apart a PS1 back in the day and exposed it to the site, to show the crappy manufacture. They’re all guilty. Sony however did not extend the warranties on all their systems by 3 years to make their customers happy. They rewarded them with an overpriced systems with a lack of quality titles.

Indeed, Sony’s PS1 and PS2 suffered from crappy manufacturing. That’s made even more obvious by the DREs that the PS2 suffered some years back (due to the laser being cheaply manufactured). If I remembered right, Sony did do something about it for a while (by letting you send it in), but I think they stopped that some time ago. (Forgive me if I can’t remember all the details concerning that.)

Still, I’ll give Microsoft kudos for at least taking responsibility and admitting they had a problem. While it might’ve hurt them for a while, actually trying to fix the problem helps them somewhat.

At least they weren’t like Ford with the whole Pinto issue (read it sometime…and find out how retarded Ford was back in the day). Good example of why you should fix your problems instead of trying to pay off possible lawsuits.

I never once had a problem with any of my Sony Products. It’s cool that Microsoft will do that, but you shouldnt have to do that at all.

Congratulations, you’re a demonstration in statistics where 1 is not significant!

I feel tremendously lucky that my stupidly overpriced PS2 is still running after over three years.

You should. My friend’s and GF’s broke down after less time.

I’ve thankfully never had any problems with my PS2, which I’ve had for six years.

PSXs, however…I went through two of them. I mean, seriously, neither of them can even run a disc of any kind anymore. I did happen across a third one this summer for free, but I’m waiting to use it.

My brother said my old PSX that I gave him randomly stopped working. And after 5 years my PS2 stopped playing DVDs. I haven’t really had any problems either but like Sinistral says that doesn’t affect the statistics.

I’ve gone through two PSXs as well, and it’s the single reason why most of my backlog involves PSX games. Fortunately PS2s have come down enough in price to finally warrant a purchase of one.

I’ve had a few problems with my used PSOne and PS2, but so far they still run most things. The PS2 has been giving me a lot of DRE’s lately, though, so I wonder how much longer it will last.

I didn’t have any problems with my PSOne, I bet it’s still running. My PS2 on the other hand…it died on my in two years. The laser lost its height and I didn’t feel like taking it apart. I’ve had the slimmer version for two years now, and haven’t had a problem.