My WALL-E review

Among Pixars Best. Go see it.

I wanna go see it for my birthday tomorrow… but I hate packed movie theaters. It’ll probably have to wait until the middle of next week. It’ll be the first pixar movie I’ve seen in theaters sicne Toy Story 2.

Indeed, it was great.

The short at the start was hilarious too.

I cried during that short. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

Come on, show it here already!


DAMMIT I was going to see it today but fell too ill. I guess I’ll have to wait for next weekend. :thud:

(…And seeing Sin react like that to a movie is… disconcerting. 0_o )

Wall-E and all the robots were great, but the parts where I cracked up the most were when the captain was researching Earth, and when we cut back to him he’s on some really random topics, like how people get REALLY sidetracked while searching for things on Wikipedia and when the Captain stood for the first time, and that classic music started playing.

The movie had some rather depressing messages about the future, actually. And not just the trash overload. But they’re only depressing if you think too hard about them, it’s far more fun to just laugh.

Oh yeah, and stay and watch the credits for the pixelated sprite movie during it. I thought it was neat.

k. puts it on my List

I saw it last night, and I really just love love love love loved it! I’m a person who tends to imprint human feelings on non-human things at times, so this just REALLY got to me. Yes, there were parts where the tears came, and man, it just got me!

Even though there were depressing messages about waste and how much people do it, I thought it was cool to see how the people responded when something (even a little something) roused them from their layabout ways. It was a great turnaround into a message of hope. (Plus, I totally missed how the captain ended up just like I do on Wikipedia, thanks for the observation :D)

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

I think :smiley: sums up all my feeling about this movie.

The opening was pretty similar to the opening in Fallout with the nice music playing while slowly zooming out over a desolate landscape.

I try not to do this very often, but that is KYOOT. I want. I want it more if someone can make it move.

They show it 18-Sept here. Sheesh, how hard is a worldwide premiere?

I’d imagine the dubbing process would be a factor (you live in Greece right?). Not to mention they probably want to see how well it does in NA first. You never know, it might have done poorly (freak occurrence with a Pixar film).

Did 68 mil this weekend, and took #1. Sounds like it’s doing alright.

Man, did I love this movie. I was definitely tearing up at the part where Wall-E isn’t Wall-E anymore.
The short beforehand was definitely Pixar’s best yet. If they just worked full time on those shorts and only released one a year, I’d still be happy.
I also loved the little cleaning robot, and how emotive he- and all the robots- were. Plus, the movie’s ultimate message of hope was quite diggable.

Yep. However, both Ratatouille and Cars were shown here immediately or in the same week. I’d rather see it in theaters rather than on pc so I’m holding out.

FINALLY saw it today!! And man, I’m still grinning. :smiley:

This is, in my opinion, THE best Pixar movie, ever. Well, in its specific elements: romance and science fiction. Other Pixar movies may be be funnier, have more action, etc. … but Wally is truly special.


You know, this movie is actually two stories that happen to intersect, almost by accident: there’s Wall-E’s search of EVE, and there’s the fate of humanity. I liked the way Wall-E helped, but it was still a human who helped the race stand on its own again (quite literally). (That was a nice surprise; I was afraid the captain was going to be just incompetent.) The way both stories intermingled was just wonderfully clever. And what’s most amazing, is how easily everything was to follow, despite little dialog and no narration. Excellent!

You know, technically there’s no villain in this story. Not a really evil one, anyway- Auto was just following his programming. Of course, we know now that the robots (just like the humans, it turns out) CAN exceed their directives, if they want to. Auto simply saw no reason to. Still, he nearly doomed the human race to a life of useless complacency. (And wasn’t that a wonderful 2001; a Space Odyssey Homage, in the Captain vs Auto struggle? Complete with the right music, too! :wink: )

If I had to find a fault with the story, is that, upon close scrutiny, some of its facts are hard to swallow- how did the WHOLE Earth get covered in garbage? How can humans even walk anymore after 700 years living in chairs? How are these people even going to survive in, much less rebuild the Earth? But you know what, for once I DO NOT CARE. Wall-E is a Fairy Tale- a SF fairy tale, but still a fairy tale: the unlikely hero saves the day and gets the girl. What matters is HOW it is told- and in that sense, it’s WONDERFUL.

And the graphics? OH, MAN. This has to be most photorealistic CGI movie Pixar has yet made. The whole part on Earth looked like it was filmed using real cameras and models!! The one in space was less real, but only because it was futuristic, it was no less detailed. And just how did Pixar get all those machines to feel so human when they didn’t even have faces? Amazing!

Ultimately, the message of the story was: the meaning of being HUMAN. The human race had forgotten about it; ironically, Wall-e knew it, without realizing it. And in his quest for love, brought it back to the human race. How anti-Frankenstein. :wink:

The closing credits were another wonder. Have you noticed how they try to make those more interesting in movies of late, so people will stay through them? In here, we had a description of what happened after the movie’s end, using varying historical art styles, to represent how human civilization was, effectively, starting over again. Brilliant!

But really, words do it no justice. If you haven’t seen Wall-E yet… just go do it by yourself. :wink: