My uncle is the biggest asshole in the world

A week earlier

Uncle: Hey, you guys wanna go to E3?
Me: Hell yeah! You can get us in?
Uncle: Yeah, I know a guy
Me: Awsome!

Yesterday after callling for me all day, I call him back

Uncle: Hello?
Me: Hey
Uncle: Hey. Are you jealouse? Do you worship me now?
Me: why?
Uncle: I’m going to E3
Me: Well why didnt you get us tickets?
Uncle: I got the golden ticket, I’m charlie going to the chocolate factory, it was the last ticket!

So he was calling all day to rub it in my face. AND he forgot to even try to get me and my brother tickets. He qualifies as the worlds biggest asshole! I am so fucking pissed!

That is pretty bad. I mean, if he tried and couldn’t get them, all right, but to forget and then rub it in your face sucks.

I assume he didnt even try to get us tickets cuz he never called earlier saying “I couldnt get you in, sorry” and even if that was the case, he shouldnt have invited us if he wasnt sure he could get us in.


:moogle: must run in the family.

SHUTUP MOG!! shees are you trying to put us in an early grave. anyway that was pretty rude on your uncles part. what is this E3 thing? some kind of concert?

Electronic Entertainment Expo = E3

It’s where all the bigass gaming companies get together and show off their latest stuff.

oooooooo. where does this take place? sounds like a blast. oh wait there out of tickets. ;_; :moogle:

But doesn’t that mean you can’t shoot him and take his ticket?

I am glad to know I’m not the only person who uses the word assclown. :smiley:

wow, what a jerk, if he was my uncle, id kick the living crap out of him.

Asshole indeed. Kick him in the nuts!

He sounds like a hollow shell of a man who cries himself to sleep every night every night.

E3 is just a bunch of fat kids running arounds screaming about video games, I base that opinon on nothing and have no actual facts to back it up.

Some guy I know went, and he spent all his time at the “prince of persia 3” booth


wow that really sucks. I’ve always wanted to go to E3.
But I plan on writing for a gaming magazine after college (yeah right, it’ll never happen)
so I’ll probably get to go for free then.

by the way, even fat kids need something to live for. :bowser:

That next slice of cake or a heart attack? >.>

omfg lol XD
da fat kidz r funny