My ultimate fantasy has finally come true!!!!!

Oh man, this is even better than a Dexy’s Midnight Runners reunion to celebrate the relaunch of Dangermouse! :-

I cannot say that I share your orgasms, but this does look like fun.

And I remember watching Danger Mouse when I was about five years old or so…it was probably one of my first (and favourite) cartoons!

Ah, yes, I remember seeing a Monty Python sketch that riffed on this. “You have six hours to solve the conundrum!”

Is this the game show you were on neb?

You’re doing bloody well then, seeing as python was cancelled 8 years before this show was commissioned.

This was the show I was on, yes, and yes, I love wordgames :smiley:

Kay, maybe it was something else then, I dunno.

Danger Mouse was revived? Were they only revived in the UK, because I really miss it (and even more so, I miss its spin-off, Count Duckula).

Danger mouse, you say. Hmmm…

This is your ultimate fantasy? God, I bet the girlfriend is very dissapointed by now :stuck_out_tongue:

What girlfriend? :mwahaha:

…as am I to discover my boyfriend has had a sex change. :-/

that game, in my opinion, SUCKED ROYALLY