My thread title got deleted because it hurt

Yeah, so, recently, I’ve started playing GB again. So if anyone wants to play with me, my nick is now RenanDotNet -just because my Renan34 account is bugged to this day, damm you Softnyx (can’t validate email nor enter the avatar shop!).

Anyway… If there’s anyone who hasn’t played in a long while, there’ve been some changes. There’s a whoreload of new maps and two new mobiles (and seems like there’s going to be at least a handful of new ones soon).

One of them, the Frog, is the opposite of everything the Grub is: he’s good to hit enemies who are standing on hard-to-hit peaks or floating islands, and he can also hit enemies who are behind cover. Organical type. His weapons number one and two are basically the same shot, a blob that adheres to the first surface it touches, then starts rolling - weapon 1 rolls forward, weapon 2 rolls backwards - for a moment, then it explodes. I haven’t seen the SS hit someone yet, all I know is that it’s a purple explosive blob. Softnyx’s site doesn’t help since I don’t speak Engrish.

The other one is Kalsydon. Think of what would happen if you mixed the Bigfoot, Armor Mobile and Boomer into a single thingie. It looks like a big-assed orange Bigfoot with a chaingun instead of a rocket launcher. Just that instead of a chaingun, it’s actually a rocket launcher as well. The catch with him is that all the three weapons you can use shoot a single missile that deals ridiculous low damage. The thing is that if the missile stays in the air long enough, it opens up and more projectiles come out of it. These projectiles will them fly like hoaming missiles towards the main one. So:

Weapon 1: shots two green energy balls out of the main missile.

Weapon 2: shots four mini-missiles.

SS: also haven’t seen enough, but out of the main missile come more missiles that can also open up into more missiles.

Now, if the angle of shooting is low, the projectiles will spread too much and you won’t deal a good damage. It takes high angles (70 degrees or more, I think) to make a shot which will cause every projectile to hit the same target. But you’ll need a slope for that, because Kalsydon’s shooting angles are as narrow as Bigfoot’s, if not a little narrower.

Oh yeah, and now you buy items a little differently. When you go buy something, you choose a timespan - one week, one month or forever. The price of the stuff depends on the timespan you choose, but after the timespan passes, the item is lost. But if you don’t plan on using it for too long, you could buy a pirate cloth for 9 thousand GP. 60k GP (I think) will buy the permanent version - the prices used previously now apply for permanent items.

So there. Come play with me some of these days.