My Thoughts on FFX-2 (mild spoilers)

First chance I’ve had to post this. Well, I’ve finished the game (had 81% at the end, now I’m going through it a second time with an FAQ to get the rest). Here’s what I think about it.

Well… in truth, not much. It’s a nice way to pass the time, and it had some neat ideas, but it really didn’t strike me as something to look forward to. In particular, there was almost no story at all to speak of, and story is one of the main pulls that the FF series has for me.

The main characters themselves have virtually no depth. What little complexity Rikku had in FFX has now been removed, leaving us with an almost implausibly stupid bimbo. Yuna’s new personality is refreshing, but we never really find out how she goes from demure, selfless hero figure to a world-travelling sphere hunter. (Come to think of it, we never find out why Rikku became one either.) Paine’s backstory, other than one incident, is nonexistent (although she does has all the cool lines). The end result of this is three heroes who I simply didn’t care about. The ending was the first RPG ending in a very long time which didn’t make me feel anything at all. Truth is that Yuna and Rikku were my two least favorite characters of FFX (except maybe Kimahri). A game starring Wakka and Lulu with a few others would have been much more enjoyable.

(While I’m here, I really don’t think Yuna’s outfit is implausible, although Rikku’s is pushing it. All you have to do is look at how the rest of Spira dresses, and you’ll see that the only odd thing was how modest Yuna was in FFX, not vice versa.)

The battle system is fun and fast-paced, and can be challenging until you get used to it. Once you do, though, there really isn’t much to it short of being perfectionist and learning all the abilities you can. The different jobs are cool (yay job system!), but after a certain point (say level 60) you can basically smash any enemy you like anyway, so why bother? Although I will say that nearly every single job certainly is useful at some point in the game (with Songstress being a notable exception - but hey, it’s just a dressed-up Bard, so what’d you expect), which is something that no other FF game that had the job system managed.

The actual gameplay, as far as the missions go, keeps you on your toes, but just seems to be one sidequest after another. In fact, there really aren’t any “real quest” missions except for near the end of the game. (Back to the “lack of story” point above.) The places themselves are virtually unchanged from FFX (it took a while for me to get used to traveling the same places in FFX with totally different music). But if you want to see everything, you’ll have to revisit those places many, many times throughout the game. All the chests respawn four times, for instance. It’s going to make replaying FFX harder for me, I can tell you that. -_-

Also, speaking of the music, for someone who generally eschews all things electronica, I have this to say: It SUCKS. OK, that’s an overgeneralization. There are a few nice tracks (such as the Zanarkand Ruins or the fights with Leblanc’s gang). But overall, the music was Spice Girlish in its bubbliness or annoying in its New Waveishness. And I found the two vocal tracks to be even worse than my previous “worst RPG song”, Eyes On Me - mainly because, I suspect, that the subject of those songs were people I didn’t care about or ideas that were too simple to actually merit a song. (Although “real Emotion” annoyed me in any case.)

Final verdict? If you’re starved for RPGs and you were a fan of FFX, this’ll make a good buy. (It’s good for at least one playthrough if you liked FFX in any case.) If you like buying games where you “collect 'em all” (whether it’s story points, Oversouled fiends, Blue Magic, etc.), you’ll probably love this. But people looking for a serious (or even humorous) RPG should probably look elsewhere.

yeah it was a bit lacking in the story line…i mean what is it really about finding Tidus? is that all it’s really really about? oh and defeating vegnagun. but as far as that there is no real storyline. just 3 women (2 of them silly one being the dumb blond and the other acting like a dumb blond wanna be at times) hunting for spheres? how did they all get together…why didn’t they show how they all got together? yeah and the music…when i went to mt. gagazet…i was expecting the music from FFX but i actually like the new music to zanarkand ruins. i mean i’m all for girl power…but i think it needed to have some masculine touch to it.

all in all it’s not bad…but it could be better…it FF so i do like it alot but i dont think it’s my favorite though…i dunno…i’m 50/50

Thanks for the warning Cid, I was actually thinking of getting it up until I read this.

So I guess if you had to choose whether to buy or rent it, you should probably just rent it for a while, right Cid?

Thank you for the mini-review, Cid. It sounds like a bit of fun, but money is tight for me, and Alter Code F is calling me. 8)

Like I said, if you enjoy collecting stuff or getting perfect on things, it’s a good buy (it’s a really huge game). It’ll definitely keep you busy. But if you look for a decent story in an RPG or characters you can relate to, this isn’t one you’d want to buy.

Its not the best Final Fantasy in the series, but i enjoyed it and think it was well worth the money =)

Originally posted by Jakanden
Its not the best Final Fantasy in the series, but i enjoyed it and think it was well worth the money =)

Yupyups, very true. I think it’s worth buyin’ the game too.
Every people’s got there unique opinion about games. I have absolutely no problems with the music tracks, or even the songs themselves. On the contrary, I love the songs!! The part where Yuna sang 1000 Words was very touchin’ indeed. Well like I said, not everyone likes to listen to the same kind of music, therefore I respect there opinions on whether they find the music to be annoyin’, crappy, or what-so-ever.

Aside from the songs, the storyline is good too. Well, like what Cid said, if you’re a fan of FFX, then you’re gonna love this game. The game sorta explains a lotta things that were left unsolved in FFX, such as how Maechen (Did I spell that right?) got his vast knowledge about Spira, why did the ending of FFX show Tidus swimmin’ towads the surface of the sea, and… Well… What happened to the people of Spira after Sin was destroyed.

And no, once you get to level 60, you can’t pratically smash every enemy in the game. Try killin’ the sacred beast or the monsters in the deep in Bevelle’s secret dungeon, you’re gonna need more than jus’ high level chars to beat those monsters. Which means that you’ll need a lil’ strategy to beat ‘em. Ahh… I’m crap talkin’.

Yupyups, most of the missions in the game are “sidequests”. You can choose not to play ‘em and proceed on with the story, but that’ll make you miss a lotta items and more importantly, miss the prefect endin’. Most, if not all, the sidequests have nuthin’ to do with the story, but they’re still fun to play with, and you get to know more about the lives of Spira’s citizens after the enternal calm was brought to them.

Personally, I don’t have any problems with YRP’s clothings either. As long as they’re not naked, I have nuthin’ to complain… Or maybe I do… Hehehe (guess that calls for some

hentai~ j/k)

For my first experience of the game, some of the cutscenes… Kinda makes me feel… Embarrased. Well I don’t think that’s the right term to call it, but I felt like… It’s too girlish for me!!! But I got used to it after my 2nd playthrough of the game.

I’m not sure what a “real” storyline is supposed to be like, but I find FFX-2’s storyline to be “on par” with many other RPGs’. Yuna’s purpose to be a sphere hunter is very obvious. Up to FFX-2, she had lived her life helpin’ other people and does not mind in sacrificin’ herself for the well-beings of others. Now that Spira “was” saved, she thought it’d be a wise decision to live her life for herself, explanin’ why she changed from “selfless hero figure to a world-travelling sphere hunter”. “Old habits die hard”, meanin’ that she still care for the well-beings of the people of Spira and not jus’ live the way she wanted to. Finding Tidus was jus’ part of the story, discovering the new crisis that threatens Spira and the love between Lenne and Shuyin is another. I don’t wanna stress this but, you’re opinion of whether there IS a storyline to the game or not is totally up to you. My mini-review of the game is a positive one I guess. Hence I encourage those who are fans of FFX to buy the game, or even those who are not fans of FFX to do so. These are jus’ my thoughts of the game~

I did get through the Bevelle secret dungeon. Up to a point, power just doesn’t matter; the bosses at the bottom simply can’t be defeated without the use of a particular cheap accessory.

Anyhoo… no, having a backstory is NOT the same as having a storyline (i.e. plot). There are a grand total of 14 “required” missions in the game, and everything else is technically fluff. (Although, as you say, if you don’t do them all you’ll have a hard time getting through the game.) And it’s more or less impossible to get the perfect ending on your first go unless you use an FAQ to ensure that you do so, so that’s not really a reason to do them.

I wouldn’t agree that all fans of FFX will love this game. I think they’d like playing through it once, but I don’t think they’ll necessarily enjoy all the sidequesty goodness.

As for Yuna’s change in vocation, sure, that’s explained. But not her change in personality.

Offhand… is there a particular reason you’re typing like a redneck? Because it’s really a bit weird. O_o

You guys are rubbing it in, arent you ? All dancing around and laughing, saying “Nate dont got one, LOLOLOLOL” arent you ? Come on, everyone, point and laugh at the freak with a defective X-2… Go ahead, grind the salt in the wounds… runs to his room and buries his head in his pillow

Well, I just finished Chapter 1, and here’s my opinion (so far):
(Note, I do have access to the Official Guide. Spoilers don’t bother me, either.)

I can’t really comment on the story yet, since, as was pointed out, it progresses at a snail’s pace (or, it does if you try to do all the sidequests- which you have to do, if you want to get the 100% Story Completion) but even before Cid mentioned it, I was afraid the story wouldn’t be too good. After all, if it was (mainly) about finding Tidus, and SO much room in the game had been spent in optional stuff, there just can’t be that much room for more dramatic stuff. At least, the characters do get to save the world- it just isn’t Final Fantasy to me if they don’t do that. (Note, the guide manages to give you all the technical stuff WITHOUT revealing story details (for example, I didn’t know that the Yuna Impostor was Leblanc in disguise (thought it wasn’t that hard to guess). Doing that is NOT easy- kudos to the Guide makers.
As for if the story does make you care about the characters- well, I like them so far, but, I’ll hold judgement for when I finish.

As for the minigames… well, I usually don’t like games much, and I HATED the ones in FFX, and I must admit I’m NOT very interested in the ones here, either. I’ve decided that I’ll try ONLY those that you HAVE to do to progress in the game. Who knows? Maybe I’ll like Sphere Break.

One thing I think we ALL can agree on, is that the graphics are FANTASTIC! I really enjoyed the opening scenes (in Luca.) The in-game sprites sometimes fail to show realistic expressions, but still, they’re WAY better than in most games. Their movements are just TOO lifelike… I’m betting motion-capture was used to program them.

So far, I must say I’m enjoying the game (especially the whole Dressphere system) even if I have a feeling it’ll let me down later on. Hopefully not.

I’m getting the game for X-mas. I am only of those anal perfectionists (It’s why I’m clocking almost 200 hours in Disgaea and not even pas the first chapter :hahaha;) Anyway, my friend already has the game and it looks really fun.

Wil, have you ever had any problems with the guide my friend does. He curses that it isn’t detailed enough and gives info in odd place. For example to get the Invincible you have to talk to this guy each chapter but the book doesn’t mention it until the third or fourth chapter.

That’s where strategy guides fail; proper sidequest information. They’re excellent for maps, pictures, enemy stats, and usually beginning to end walkthroughs, but when you get into sidequests, you’d be best to look at an FAQ written by someone who has played FFX-2 to its fullest. Strategy guide writers have to complete the guide before the game comes out, and that’s a pretty tight time frame, I hear.

From what my friend said the guide has a few errors, including the percentages for completion of all the minigames. I’ve learned to play my games now with a combination of the guides and FAQs. I don’t know what I did without :hahaha; .

Another example would be a part where it says “go to the engine room and talk to Buddy .” Fine we go to the engine room, nobody there. The guide conveniently forgot to mention that you actually have to touch the engine before Buddy will appear.

*The spoilers aren’t really neccessary but because of a certain fight that broke out, I’m not taking any chances :hahaha; .

The pain… the horror… I NEED to play this game… it’s a drug, i’m addicted… all the teasing… Thursday wont come fast enough for me !

Okay, having just shut it off fort he first time, i can type up my thoughts about it. I like it. the ATB took a little getting used to, especially since they didnt have an ontroductory tutorial of it. It being more of an actions game now, with the hopping and climbing around, and the ATB system is a definate plus. I do admit a bit of a change of character, but i guess being able to relax without worrying about Sin will do that to ya. So far the badguys have been lighthearted. Is there a hardcore “kill everyone” badguy in this game ? do the Lablanc’s get worse ?

Anywho, the gameplay is fun, and i like it, it was well worth the wait !

There is a “kill everyone” bad guy, but he isn’t anything like what you think he is.

Btw, just to clarify… I’m still playing this game like nuts. 8p I’m not saying that it’s not fun at times. I’m just not sure I’d condone buying it for certain people. Definitely a rental-first prospect.

I rented it first, but I’m torn between buying a leather jacket or buying FFX-2…

Originally posted by Cidolfas
I did get through the Bevelle secret dungeon. Up to a point, power just doesn’t matter; the bosses at the bottom simply can’t be defeated without the use of a particular cheap accessory.

Up to a point, power just doesn’t matter; the bosses at the bottom simply can’t be defeated without the use of a particular cheap accessory.

Yupyup, like I said, lvl 60 chars can’t whoop every monsters in the game. And… Who said the backstory is the same as the plot?? Hmm… Ah well. I guess Cid’s right, not all fans of FFX would like FFX-2… I think I should reword “fan” with “FF fanatics” like me, who’d like all FF games without a doubt.

It’s not really that hard to figure out why Yuna’s personality was changed. Yuna was tryin’ to act like a whole new person, one that fits the role of a sphere hunter. She wants to cut herself from the past… Um… Did that make any sense…? Heheh. There’s a scene on the airship that shows Yuna with her former personality whenshe was thinkin’ to herself, but then on the next scene, Yuna was tryin’ to rid herself from her old personality again.

Hey did Cid comment on my “typin’”?? Hehehe… It’s not weird, I think it’s pretty unique…Heheh. If there is anyone that is offended by my “typin’”… Then I’ll change it for their sake.

No one’s offended… I just find it annoying, is all.

And the point is that yes, level 60 characters can’t beat those monsters normally. But neither can level 99 characters. Using the same tactic as level 90 characters, level 60 characters can do it easily. So yes, level 60 characters can beat every monster in the game, with the possible exception of the very last boss in the Bevelle Dungeon (and even that one I suspect can be beaten with level 60 characters given the strategy I used).

Originally posted by Cidolfas
[b]No one’s offended… I just find it annoying, is all.

And the point is that yes, level 60 characters can’t beat those monsters normally. But neither can level 99 characters. Using the same tactic as level 90 characters, level 60 characters can do it easily. So yes, level 60 characters can beat every monster in the game, with the possible exception of the very last boss in the Bevelle Dungeon (and even that one I suspect can be beaten with level 60 characters given the strategy I used). [/b]

Ooook. Annoying and offending means the same thing to me if my typing makes someone feel uncomfortable. So you’re saying that, without proper strategies ( plus items ), regardless of how high you’re chars’ lvl are, you still can’t beat every monsters in the game easily… Isn’t that right? The very last boss in Bevelle’s dungeon is not the only monster that’s hard for a lvl 60+ to beat, the semi-boss monsters in that dungeon is hell… My chars are all lvl 99 and I still couldn’t beat them. I’ve never tried using the Cat’s Nip (spelling?) strategy before… Guess I’ll give it a try once I get home from my vacation.