My Third Anniversay Thread!

No, this is not a posting-count milestone thread. It’s the actual date of my joining RPGC (April 29, 2002.) :slight_smile:

I have nothing against postcount threads, in fact they are more representative of participation than simply being a member for several years. BUT, many people here hate them, probably because some people post inane stuff just to increase their count. (For the record, I had almost 3000 posts when the Worm erased the boards, which means I actually have about 5000 posts now- and not a single one done to increase post count, word.)

Technically, this is my FIRST anniversary thread, since I never made threads to celebrate my first two anniversaries :stuck_out_tongue: I just wasn’t sure if they would be welcome… or if anybody would care. These days I feel much more confident, and I’ve learned the value of leaving accounts of your life behind you as you go. :slight_smile:

And no, this isn’t going to be a Question Thread, either. Again, I have nothing against them, but many people dislike them, probably because of all the posts with inane questions. So instead, I’ll look back at my three years here.

I discovered RPGC about 4 years ago, when I first got on the internet (on my sister’s computer) and googled up for some RPG sites. But I didn’t join until I had my OWN PC. (Ironically, I’m using my sister’s PC AGAIN since mine broke down a few weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue: but I have almost saved all the money needed to get it fixed so I expect to have it back soon.) Actually, I joined the Final Fantasy Compendium first, and then was eventually led here by other game discussions (I remember being VERY angry at Golden Sun for having a TO BE CONTINUED- NEXT GAME type of ending!! > < )

The first group activity I joined in was Weiila’s Group Story. It was her idea to post a thread in the Media Board where ANYBODY could contribute to the story. It was like Forum RolePlaying, except it had no regular members, and no plot; it was anything-goes. That’s why I participated; I thought, “If I don’t like it, I can simply stop participating.” Of course, it wasn’t long before it DID have some people who posted regularly- Weiila, Starstorm, Kaiser, me, and a few others- as well as a story -The Crono Trigger cast running into various Final Fantasy characters. The story (which never had an actual title!) turned out to be quite good, in my opinion, and lasted surprisingly long, even surviving The Worm! It eventually petered out unfinished, which was unfortunate; I guess it simply ran for too long. But still, it had some REALLY cool moments (the battle between the cast of Crono Trigger and that of Final Fantasy 7 has to be among the best I’ve seen in RPG fanfiction!) and most importantly, it was a LOT of fun for most of the participants.

My next big project (concurrent with the one above) was one I didn’t even realize WAS going to be a story: JOIN MY ARMY, a thread started by Valkyrie Esker in the now-gone Tower of Babel Forum (where people WERE allowed to post nonsense all the time!) It was supposed to be about Valkyrie recruiting RPGC members to form an army, with branches dedicated to things like ninjas, 80’s music, etc. The thing was completely silly at first, so I decided to join in, and introduced myself as a whorin’, cheating bastard! :eek: But to my surprise, the thread soon evolved, effectively, into a Forum Role Play, with a serious, even touching story. In fact, it became my first story here that I felt that I really had a responsability to (Weiila’s story, I always felt would be finished by somebody else I dropped out; but I had a character in this one whose storyline I wanted to see fulfilled.)

Let me point out, that it had been a long time since I felt so personally involved with a story; I used to belong to a GUYVER Fanfiction ring (via Snail Mail) back in the 80’s, and that experience ended… rather badly. It soured me on the whole idea of doing stories as part of a group; but JMA restored my faith. I owe a lot to it, and some of my fellow participants -Like Valkyrie and Omegaflare- remain my closest friends here to this day. :slight_smile: JMA actually became THE longest story thread in RPGC history (up to that point) and came to a very satisfying (if slightly chaotic) ending, as we effectively played it IN REAL TIME! Too bad it would later be erased by the Worm.

JMA inspired me, and several other of its members (Valk, Omega, X-hunter, etc.) to start another Role-Play thread (this time serious from the start, and MUCH better organized): FATAL FANTASY, which started as a Final Fantasy I game (I played Red Mage!! :ark: ) but soon went on its own direction, and we created our own epic story. Despite being partially erased by the worm, we managed to finish it as well, and it was, again, a great experience for all involved (plus we broke our own thread-length record!!) It also led me to talk regularly with people via Instant Messaging (an experience I originally dreaded) as we had to co-plot the story on a daily basis. Sadly, I decided after FF not to join any more RPs, as they consume just too much of my time; but I’ll always treasure the experience. :slight_smile:

In-between JMA and FF, I did my first RPGC Xmas Story. I remember Weiila asked for Xmas story contributions, so I decided to take a shot at it. Originally, it was going to be a short, silly story using RPGC members as characters… but I soon turned it into a serious (and LONG!) action saga! (What can I say? I grew up reading DC and Marvel comics! :stuck_out_tongue: ) To my surprise, everyone loved it, so I decided to do it again the following year… and the next one, and every time, MORE people would ask to join, and gasp READ IT, culminating with last year’s 7000+ hits, which is a personal record! I plan to continue doing these every Xmas for as long as I (and RPGC) exist, and yes, everybody, old or new, is welcome to participate.

Not everything has been pleasant in my life these past three years. I’ve lost my only regular job (as a construction worker) meaning I have almost no money to spend (so, no Rpgs, at least for now), I developed epilepsy (something I, at first, kept hidden even from my closest friends here; I had a hard time dealing with the fact) and I lost my Aunt Luisa, definitely the nicest person I’d ever known. But, on the other hand, I’ve also learned a lot. My aunt’s death led me to a period of deep soulsearching, from which I emerged with more inner peace than in my WHOLE life before. Now I feel I TRULY appreciate the things I have, instead of whining about those I don’t. I no longer worry about money, or my condition; I just try to enjoy every second of life I have. And if along the way I can help others, whether with advice or just by amusing them for a second with my stories or my lame humor, so much the better.

Oh, in a way, my condition has improved my life, as, due to my sisters’ insistence, I moved closer to where they live so they can keep an eye on me. ~_^ But that has allowed me to spend more time with my nephews, one of which I’m virtually a surrogate father for (his father is AWOL) and another one actually joined RPGC (my niece Nelimar, under the name of Makko.) I’ve actually come to ENJOY spending time with them… my God, I MUST be getting old! :stuck_out_tongue:

Those of you who read my last Xmas Story know that I integrated some of these events (my epilepsy and Nelimar) into the story, which I think helped made it more touching.

RPGC has become a surprisingly important part of my life. I never intended to use it as more than a casual MB… but the place and its people have grown into me. I’d like to thank the following people: The Staff, who have kept this place going so long, even in the face of terrible things like the Worm; All the people who participated in my stories; all the people who have READ my stories; all the people here who have been nice to me, and all those who have allowed me to help them. And most of all, those of you who never said, “Bah, he’s an old guy, let’s ignore him.”


Here’s to many, many more years of RPGClassics!!!

You’ve always been one of the cool folks around here as far back as I can remember. You’re way too smart and sophisticated for a bunch of crazy nerds like us. :wink:

Here’s to you, Wil. May you be with us for many years more. :toast:

GG: Don’t be fooled- I’m a Crazy Nerd too, always was, always will be. (And PROUD of it! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Gila: “Hairless Newborn Kittens… cute, or disgusting? Tonight, on GERALDO!”

:hahaha; -Thanks GM.

Gila, noooooooooooooooooooooooo. Sphynx cats are ugly! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wil, nice to see you are, at least, still enjoying your time here.

Haha. You should’ve re-read your first post to correct the mistakes your old fogeyness made you do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh Wilf. I have always liked you. Grats on being here 3 years, and may there be another 3 to come. :slight_smile:

Edit: You make the only long posts I actually enjoy reading!

Stop making me feel old!

Walhalla: BAA HA HA! I guess I AM getting old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Corrected now. Thanks. And nice to see you again.

Lanyx: Only three more!?

Thank you.

Nulani: Whoa! I make Death itself feel old. What a… concept! :mwahaha:

Do NOT click on this link!! You’ll lose your mind!!!

Ya know I have been wondering what you looked like Wil. I must admit my imagination was a little off.

Anyway, congrats on surviving the nut house for so long. And I hope we all can survive together for several more years to come.

Congratulations on being here so long. You’re one of the people who raises the sanity level of the forums.

HS: Do I look prettier than you expected, or uglier? :hahaha;

Dude: Maybe, but I think my sanity level has dropped in the process. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to you both!!

congrads Wil!!!

I can’t see the pic T_T

From that picture, a little worse I’m afraid. But that maybe due to the quality of the picture. Ya still look good though.

Also I think my imagination forgets how much older you actually are. But of course with age comes wisdom.

CC: It’s a wordpad document, it was the only way I could figure to post it, since I could not edit the original pic for some reason (?) AND HEY, What’s with the ‘Crazy CC’ pic, huh? Not getting depressed on me, are you? ~_^

HS: I used to be a handsome guy, but that was a receding hairline and a few pounds ago. :hahaha;

And Wisdom = having commited all the errors the young people haven’t commited yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t really know many people here, but I do know you Wil! You’re a cool guy. And hey, I like old people! They’re nice! :hahaha;

God Bless.

Truer words have never been spoken. :hahaha;

Congrats on your anniversary, with hopefully many more to come! :toast:

You’re one of the nicest guys I’ve talked to on the forum, and I had great fun working with you on the round robin in the media forum last fall!

My computer won’t open your picture though… :too bad:

For the people who couldn’t view his picture, <a href=“”>click here</a>.

(Man, I love that website)

Pappy’s Daughter: Thanks for the Breath of Fire III fanart you PMed me!! :cool:

JD: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the round robin! Thanks, it was fun for me too, too bad we never finished it properly.

Hiryuu: Thanks for making my ugly mug visible for the others. Thought they may regret it for the rest of their lives.:eek:

Say, whose voice is that? Yours? Sadly, it actually sounds better than mine. :hahaha;

Note: in case you’re wondering, yes, I do wear glasses, like in my avatar. I just don’t use them inside the house (I’m farsighted.)

And no, I have no idea why my lips and nose look so blasted red in the picture. Makes me look like I just sucked somebody’s blood, ugh!

It’s a computer generated voice. You just type what you want it to say and it says it.

Also, make sure Pappy’s Daughter emails that fanart to Walhalla too…>_>