My systems: A look back...

Being incredibly bored, and still brainstorming about the next chapters in the two fics for today (I got back early! YAY!), I decided to make a thread about the history of the systems you’ve had. I’ll start first:

System 1: Atari 2600

Actually, my parents bought this, since it had games they actually liked (Centipede, Pac-Man, ET-wait, erase that one!). When I was about four, I started playing with it, and got hooked.

I still remember that joystick, simple yet functional, unlike today’s monstrosities. The games were very addicting, ESPECIALY Centipede (it’s still among my favorites). I didn’t play Pac-Man as much then, although I jammed out with it later on in the arcades.

Sadly, this ends on a bad note. One day, I played the system for so long that the circutry fried, destroying it. I cried and cried for days. The 2600 ended up in the trash, but not before I got my next system for Christmas…

System 2: NES

When I was five, I got this baby. I had Dad hook it up, put in Mario Bros., and turned it on. My life hasn’t been the same since.

The NES was a godsend, plain and simple. I only got four games for it (Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, Micky Mousecapade, Super Mario Bros. 3, and some Sesame Street game that really belonged to my brother), but I wore the living hell out of them. I especially loved Super Mario Bros. 3, despite the fact that I NEVER beat it (I came close once, but my cat walked up and pushed her head against the reset button).

I skipped the 16-bit era, since my parents refused to get me a SNES or Genesis. However, I did get my first handheld a few years later…

System 3: Game Gear

The Game Gear drew me in through color graphics. I’m not ashamed to say that, as I still say the Game Gear beat the Game Boy on several levels. Not only were the graphics better, but the screen was actually viewable, the games were a lot better than the crap Nintendo packaged, and it had Sonic.

I had about six games: Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion, and Shining Force. Out of these, either Sonic Triple Trouble or Shining Force would have to stand out as my favorite.

The system’s still there, even though the sound’s busted. I’m sad that the entire market rejected this spectacular system, but that’s life.

System 4: Nintendo 64

I skipped 32-bit as well and entered the 64-bit arena with the N64. I had actually been promised this system for birthdays and christmases for years (since the releases always seemed to come close to those days), but since Nintendo kept delaying the launch, I waited a long time. Finally, my Dad went to Wal*Mart at about three in the morning to get in line for the system.

I had too many games to list, and didn’t really have a favorite. I loved Goldeneye, but who doesn’t? I also thought Conkers was freakin’ hilarious, but only borrowed it from a friend (because there was no way in hell that my parents would let my OWN that game!). Oh, and Starcraft. The conversion matched the PC version I later got, only with better gameplay and slightly inferior graphics.

The system’s market died out. I sold the system, took about $100, got a PS2 for Christmas, and went to create a new chapter in the legend. Oh, and if my N64 is out there, somewhere, I still love you, man.

System 5: PS2

I was still pissed beyond reason after Nintendo kept delaying the N64, so I wasn’t going to wait for Gamecube. Also, the early demos of the XBox failed to impress me. So I took what was currently the best system on the market: the Playstation 2.

I own about thirty games total, including the old PS1 games I bought (since there were games that looked good, but I never got to play). I don’t have a favorite, but I do hate two games: Crono Cross and the FF5 disc from FF Anthology (bugs, glitches, and a horrifyingly bad translation).

I still have the system.

I also have a PC, but don’t count it as an actual system.

Anyway, if anyone else wants to list their odyssey of systems, then please do so.

Ah, good old Game Gear! I had a lot of fun with that thing! too bad it no longer works… I still remember the days when I used to play Sonic Triple Trouble and Tails Adventure…

…I dont see a Vic20…

Ah, The Geam Gear! It still is the second best handheld ever(after GBA).
Did anyone else play Defenders Of Oasis?

Ah the atari 2600. That was also my first system. I’d play with it all the time. LOOK AT PAC-MAN GO! i’d say. untill the sad day it was pushed out of a window… oh the sad memories… :hmm:

I kinda followed the same path…

Atari 2600 - I remember playing it, but nothing specific. I think we still have it.

NES - First RPG ever played for me was on this system. Final Fantasy. I still have 2 NES’s and a FF cartridge.

GameGear - r0x0rz.

SNES - Lotsa new games ‘n’ stuff. I dunno, I just have more memories of older systems. Oh, and Super Mario Kart pwnz.

N64 - SMK64. pwnage. And Super Smash Bros. Whoo, I say, whoo. Man, do I love my N64. I also have SC64 for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS2 - Recent addition, got FFVIII and X and Tactics, havin’ a blast. And Pong on PS is hard.

GC - Metroid Prime, Animal Crossing, SSBM, (coming soon) Mario Kart, MKDA… I need more time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember the systems I got… might take me a while to reflect on them though.

0: Master System. Well, we really didn’t own it, but my uncle (who was unmarried at the time) used to bring it over every night and played Phantasy Star with my father til the late hours, and I used to watch them (though I don’t remember any of it)

1: NES. My first real system that I actually got to play. Games like Mario and Megaman gave me a lot of fun. That is until…

1.5: Genesis. Again, I didn’t own this one yet. The same uncle who owned the Master System brought over the Genesis and him and dad bought Phantasy Star II, and at that time, when I was about 4 years old, my uncle gave me the paddle and let me play my first RPG ever. But when I was about 6, we bought one of our own. My father was an EA sports game freak, and I loved the Sonic games. It wasn’t until my early teens when I started getting into the RPGs a lot, though my father and uncle used to play games like Sword of Vermilion, Shining in the Darkness, Phantasy Star III

2: My own Genesis (see 1.5)

3: SNES. This is one system I had, just didn’t have a lot of games for. I was happy with my Genesis, but my sister liked the SNES a bit. We owned the Zelda game for it, but then we sold it and the entire system (which we didn’t have much for anyways).

4: Game Gear. I loved my Game Gear, even though it was a battery hog (that is why I had the adapters). I had about 17 games for it, including Sonic 2, Sonic Chaos, and Sonic Triple Trouble. A lot of sports games which I liked to play.

5: Sega CD. My expansion for this. Didn’t have a lot of games for this either, but the two that I loved the most were Lunar and Jurassic Park. Again, because of financial reasons, we had to sell this, but my uncle ended up buying Lunar from me.

6: SNES… again. My sister’s birthday and we got her an SNES… again. Again, no real good games, just Mario World and All-Stars… which I seemed to play more than her. Eventually she just gave it to me and I bought Mario RPG with it. I borrowed a few games from a friend of mine like FF: Mystic Quest, Lufia, Breath of Fire, Brainlord, and Zelda again.

7: Sega 32X. A good graphical system, but had no real good games (though I found Knuckles Kaotix to be fun). I only owned that and WWF Raw.

8: Nintendo 64. I really liked this system. The graphics looked good, and the gameplay was smooth. Games like Mario 64 and the WCW and WWF wrestling games kept me going. Then I got the Zelda games, and I LOVED THEM! That and Super Smash Bros. really got me hooked on this system.

9: Gameboy Advance. Another system I love. I just wish I had more money so that I could buy more games. This and the N64 are the only systems I still have. My games consist of Golden Sun, WWF Road to Wrestlemania, Phantasy Star Collection, Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, and A link to the past/four swords. I want to get Golden Sun 2, Lufia 4, Sword of Mana, and a few others I have on my list.

My favorite console game is still Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I lost track of the number of times I kept playing, before and after getting all the Emeralds and Super Emeralds.

[li]GB: Ah. The first console I owned. I still have it actually, and it actually works: If you’re lucky enough to find enough light to actually see anything on that screen.
[/li][li]SNES: I miss it. How could I be so stupid, and poor, I actually sold it? I still have a couple of games stoved away in a closet somewhere. I suppose I should get rid of them, or get a new SNES: Like I’ll find a working and cheap one of those.
[/li][li]DreamCast: I take pretty big jumps don’t I? I own about four games for it. Of those I played two, and threw a glance at the third: Shenmue, Phantasy Star Online, and Time Stalkers. The fourth game was ChoCho Rocket: Or whatever it is called. I never was much of a fan of puzzle games.
[/li][li]GameCube: It’s lovely. I’m yet to regret buying any of the games I’ve bought: Some, of course, I like less than others. Mostly because I haven’t had the time to play them a lot. I suppose I will sometime during the holidays: At least try to.

I haven’t owned too many consoles. I’ve clammered away at a pc keyboard since I was about four, though. I loved that dos game with two monkeys throwing exploding banas at each other: Sort of like cannon. I still have a floopy disk with tons and tons of old dos games like that, well, maybe not tons but a lot.

Cool idea for a thread! Here’s my input!

1: Atari 2600. My dad got this when I was but a very young un. When I hit about 3, I learned to play. My favourite game was Pac Man, Adventure or Combat. Ahh, memories.

2: NES. We got this in 1988, 3 years after it’s beginning. My cousin had one, and we always wanted one for ourselves. This system was my life; though I was only allowed to play on weekends for an hour at a time, I cherished those moments. Mario Brothers and Mega Man were my heroes, and my RPG playing began with good old Little Ninja Brothers and Dragon Warrior.

3: Game Boy. We got one of these in 1990, with an AC Adapter. It quickly became my friend during long car trips to my dad’s house. I don’t have all that many games for this system, but Tetris seems to keep me entertained.

4: SNES. We got this one in 1992, shortly after it came out. We were the first in the area to have it, and I was envied by many. And with good reason; the SNES is the greatest gift ever given to mankind. Super Mario World, Super Ninja Boy and A Link to the Past were my favourite games.

5: Sega Genesis. My dad got this for us to play when we went over to his place. It was certainly a nice system, but I really never got acquainted with it because it was at my dad’s house, and the only games he bought were boring sports titles. I rented and played many excellent games, though; Todd’s Adventures in Slime World, the Sonic games, and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker to name a few.

6: Sega Saturn. My dad’s follow-up to the Genesis. It was an excellent system in my opinion, but again, my dad had horrible taste in games, returning most of them. I managed to get Resident Evil and Dark Savior, two excellent adventure games.

7: N64. It was a hot summer, and I just graduated high school. Our family needed a 4 player system so we could play together, and Mario Kart 64 fit the bill. It was a good system, but I really can’t say it impacted my life too much.

8: PlayStation. My brother got this for his birthday in 1999, and was busy with other things, so I quickly turned it into my RPG system. This little grey box introduced me to a plethora of excellent RPGs.

9: GBA. My brother got this neat little thing not too long ago. I really haven’t used it much, but I’m trying to find time to play the Golden Sun games that he has. They look like very promising RPGS.

10: PS2. This was my gift for graduating high school. I got it mainly for Final Fantasy X, but there were many other games that came along that keep me entertained to this day.

Also, I had a Virtual Boy and a Game Gear for a short period, but we had to sell them back.

1.) NES the first: Christmas Present, 1988. Actually unwrapped the Excitebike game first, and was very happy, as I knew that the big box (which I now rushed to open) was going to be the long desired Nintendo. This faithful system served me well though I didn’t take the best care of it, surviving into early 1993 before the AC Adaptor/power cord gave out.

2.) SNES: The iron horse of my collection; aquired for my birthday in October of 1992, and still comes through to this day whenever I feel the urge to play Final Fantasy III (Er, VI) or Zelda: Link to the Past, or whatever.

3.) NES the Second: Purshased in the summer of 1993 to replace the original which had passed away earlier in the year. It came with SMB3 and enhanced my NES controller arsenal (I still have six of the fuggin things) but, sadly, this console was not destined to remain on this world long. Perhaps it was faulty, or perhaps I…er, I mean, my brother, yeah, that’s the ticket… was too physically hard on it in fits of fury. Departed from this realm in 1995.

4.) Game Boy Classic: Actually, technically, this was bought for my brother, so he’d have something to fiddle while whilst I hogged the NES and SNES. Christmas, 1993. He lost interest in it after a while, and became mine de facto, if not de jure. Still resides in my room, and functions whenever I give it batteries.

5.) Sega Genesis: Never played it much, but it was all right. Got it cheap from a friend of my moms. He didn’t have any really good games for it, but what the hey. Haven’t used it in a long time, but I still have it, and it worked fine last time I tried firing it up.

  1. NES the third: Bought it, and a slough of games, off my best friend at the time, autumn of 1995. Sum total of cash spent: $50 US. He wanted to raise money and clear space, I wanted to replace my second busted up Nintendo. Win Win. This NES still stands and, while a little quirky, still plays all my favorites faithfully when I call upon it.

  2. N64: Summer of 1998. For a couple of years, the crown jewel of the collection, and I favored it unfairly over its older cousins. Played the heck out of Zelda and the WWF games produced by THQ (which made for great console fighting games for those of us who think those esoteric button mash combinations are bullshit). Still have the system, haven’t fired it up in a while.

8.) Playstation the first: Acquired, used, March of 2001. Funcoland and old SNES finds made an RPG geek out of me (and hence set in motion my eventual arrival here), making this a must to complete my Final Fantasy collection. Quickly knocked off the N64 and became my new champion. Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, and Tactics (which eventually spelt doom for this system when I got immature and pissy).

  1. Playstation 2 the first: Bought by me as a christmas gift…for me. And my brother… (but mostly me) in 2001, when the PSX met with an unfortunate accident that I will neither confirm nor deny was related to a late night session of FFTactics. Mostly used it for the FF games mentioned above, but I eventually branched out into the GTA games, which still make me giggle with sociopathic glee. Tragically, this system met with an unfortunate accident that really was an accident one year later (late at night, tired, frustrated, and long controller cords and a messy bedroom floor, and the notorious fragile legacy of the Sony consoles). I was naturally dismayed by this turn of events. But, by this point, I was a workin’ man with cash to blow (because I don’t have a car or an apartment or friends or a life or any of that crap).

  2. Playstation 2 the second: November 2002. GTA and .Hack and Final Fantasies up the wazoo, and I take GOOD care of it this time.

  3. Game Boy Advance: Acquired in January 2003. Don’t break it out often, having little choice in terms of games, and not worth much financial investment since the PS2 is my favorite child at the moment. But I’ve got it, and Tactics Ogre. So yeah.

  4. Playstation the second: Found it used earlier this year. Why, when I have a PS2 that can play all those FF games? Well, the PS2 is still kinda sorta joint property of me and my brother. Also, I have a PSX gameshark with codes added by hand painstakingly, and I can’t resist being a dirty little cheating bastard every once in a while. Plus, as evidenced by my console collection (you’ll notice nowhere have I said anything about selling off any of them?) I’m a sucker for video game nostalgia. The PSX for me is what vintage cars are to auto nuts. I like taking the old inefficient mid 60’s gas guzzler out for a spin now and then, alright?
    Thus concludes the list. For now.

man, you people suck.