My swords!

I’m getting these for Christmas…tee hee but I’m not allowed to have them now, although they were obviously shown to me. Aren’t they neat?

On the rack.

The katana, kodachi and the…? Starts with a w.

The blades are tinted blue! They glow in the dark!

bounces up and down I am going to be a hot mama with those.

Those are cool. The only blade I ever got for Christmas was a switchblade. And it was a cheap piece of shit.

I like swords…
My uncle as a proper gerka knife. I don’t know the name of it. It was my Grandpa’s.

Big Nutter
I Like Eva


I think the last one was a Wakizashi (sp? somewhere around there).

How much are they?

They’re cool, but not as cool as my scythe.

Cless got the name right.

I like swords, and I wish I had one. All I have is a silver dagger.

Hey there sexy lady.

Are they real?

Tinted blue and glowing in the dark, I’d say they are fake unless they’ve been made by a clubber ninja from the shadow raves.

Too bad you know nothing of fencing.

Damn, I’m envious :stuck_out_tongue:

Just don’t fool around with those, they are most likely fake but the edge can cut your skin anyway.

Ohh, sweet. :moogle:

Bah, my lightsaber is more badass.

wakizashi yes :stuck_out_tongue: And I’m not being told how much they are…and of COURSE they are real. How can you spar with fake swords? wanders away offended

One of my swords:

You can’t. The tang doesn’t extend into the hilt. They’d break, which is why I wouldn’t suggest doing it with those. (I’m only assuming they’re merely for show because they’re tinted blue and glow in the dark. Most real swords uh… don’t do that :P)

Nice Rack.


I love SG cause he posts what we all think.

I have two katanas myself. But I would love to have a complete set, that would just be so much cooler.