My sprite comics (someone told me it should be posted here)

I am practising my hand at comic making, some of you may have seen it. Someone told me to post this in this section so if I didn’t post my comic in the right section, please tell me. Anyway here’s the link: My first sprite comic

Please don’t tell me anything about the background, I know its crappy but that’ll change soon enough. By the way, I can make cameo appearances if anyone wants to be in my comic.

Some critiques:

-Never ever put the author in the comic
-Never ever put the author in the comic and have him be all super-god like
-Make a border more definitive than a 1px line
-Text too small a font
-Too much text
-Violence isn’t funny when the author is in the comic, and super-god like.
-Don’t stuff 8 cameos in 2 comics only to have most of them have little or no participation in the next few comics
-The sprites are of different detail/calibur
-Most punchlines, to put it bluntly, are not funny at all (“Don’t try this at home”?)
-Some missing punctuation and/or textboxes
-Characters all seem like annoying, cynical, violent sprites with superpowers. More variation would be nice.

I think you’re getting hang of the placement of the sprites and actions/expressions though. Keep trying.

First of all, the author isn’t godlike. He only is powerful. The others will be in the comic. But the story just didn’t put them in it yet. I just wanted to introduce them. And since the author’s body has been remade (episode 20 or 21) He won’t use super moves like his huge beam. As for the characters, details, its because some of them are smaller than some others so I have to resize them (I just have MS paint so resizing kinda reduce the quality) As for the text, thanks for the tip. I’ll increase the text size so it can be more readable. As for the borders, I’ll fix it to be a bit better. Thanks for your opinions, it does help me make my comic better for the others to enjoy.

I think you should looka at Yar kramers sprite comic, or maybe Rirse’ Twisted rpg theatre (On the front site). Backgrounds would seriously help, or just take the panels out all together, as no backgrounds really hurt the eyes. Keep trying, I found it somewhat amusing.:P.