my sister & her shitty compaq

my sister got a compaq a while back but it needs a reformat…she tried the recovery thing they say to do but it dont work; all the crap is still on it. theres a presario c: & a presario_rp d: but thats it…also theres a product key on the side of her comp but i heard those dont work. um what should she do? she cant afford a fresh copy of windows & im not gunna buy her one haha. btw she got NO recovery cd or nothin from compaq

i heard u can try these things

buy new hd replace it put new windows on it

send her my xp cd, boot from it usin her product key

boot from the _rp partition how ???

lost here; an d i cant buy her a new comp lol

Are you really Luna or are you Luna’s sister :P. The Luna I knew had better grammar >_>. Man I haven’t talked to Luna in fucking forever.

Anyway, I formated my compaq desktop a long time ago. Yes the recovery is garbage and it WILL leave you worse off than you were before.

What you need is to completely format your hard drive and reinstall windows. On the side of your compaq should be a windows serial number. As long as you have that, you can reinstall windows from any CD.

Hopefully for you, your stuff is backed up.

haha cool, a straight answer for once! :smiley:

ya i’m luna, just was in a huge hurry. i’ll try sending her my disk & she can use her product key that came on her computer, but the thing is what do we do about the presario_rp d: partition? can we just delete it beforehand in that computer management screen?

btw how are u?? its been forever :stuck_out_tongue:

I got rid of that partition at the same time I formatted everything else and redid my own partitions. It didn’t matter.

Life is hectic and busy as hell. Long story. Send me a PM when you get the chance to tell me what’s up.