My shrine isn't working correctly.

<img src=“”> I don’t know what went wrong, but my Suikoden III shrine isn’t working right. It used to look perfect when it was on the staff folder, but once I had OmegaflareX join the shrine, it was transfer to the Tartarus’ web user folder. Then the problems came…the head.php will not load. At first I thought my coding somehow was off, but further tests prove otherwise.

So Hiryuu or something, could you find out why the page won’t load correctly. I tried making a second folder and put some stuff in that (in the web user), but it still turned up bad. I am just about ready to go mad over this crap sooner or later.

My guess would be that head.php’s relative references cannot work correctly both in the user directory and the staff directory.

As far as I know they can, since I’ve done it before. I think, not sure if this was with the awesome templates or the dumb templates.

Um… did you read the email I sent to you regarding this issue a couple days ago?

Anyway, that’s not how you’re supposed to access the folder, which, I suspect, is why everything’s fucked up. If it’s going to be a web-user account (which it should be, since you’re working with a non-staffer), you’re supposed to tell me a password, and I’ll set you up with an account where you can access everything.

Basically, you and OmegaFlare should come up with a password, email it to me, and I’ll fix it.