My Scandinavian brothers and sisters come to my aid

At some point next year, I will be travel across Scandinavia. Starting off in Finland working my way through Sweden to Norway and then to Iceland. What I need to know from my dear friends that live in those regions. A: When is the best time to visit those areas. And B: Can I stay with you for a week or two? Frameskip can testify that I am a wonderful house guest.

…You’re going to Finland? WAAAAAHHHHHH! sniffles ;-;

The best time to go is around Juhannus in the summer…if you can find someone who isn’t away from home partying their arse off. Only drawback is that it’s really expensive at that time of the year. Actually, during winter would be a cheaper time to fly there. I’d love to go there myself, but I have academic obligations and medical bills to pay. :too bad:

Also, a word of advice if you go to Helsinki…if you ever take the bus to get around, you need to flag them down not unlike you would a commercial jet plane. Preferably with large flags. Also, take bags with you when you go shopping. And say “Hi” to Maba for me, if you see him. :wave:

'Fraid that won’t be possible in my case, sorry.

As in Helsinki, Sweden.

Thanks guys

Unfortunately, Charlie, I lack the capability to accommodate you on your travels, but I could give you a tour round town starting from the dreaded moose statue depicting… a moose, then skipping to the grand DOOM church, then to the (conveniently named) Sales Market, etc, etc until I tire you with my ridiculous accent and stop for ice cream.

Just PM/Mail/Start a travel blog/thread or something and I’ll fix you with some sights and seeings.