My Rpg, "Soul of the Machine"

Hey everyone, a 5 part RPG by yours truly is currently in the works for the PC platform; part 1 is slated for a late 2005 web release. Part 5 (I hope) should be released sometime before the next decade. Its been in development/planning since late 1998. A little about it:

It’s a futuristic action RPG set in the year 2222. You play as Strider, a biomechanical android, more on the story will be posted later.


An epic 5-part story with a combined total of 250+ hours of gameplay.

Jawdropping graphics that take advantage of the latest technology such as realistic shadowing, pixel/vertex shaders, realistic particle system, reflections, and lighting effects.

Voice acting, sound, and music all done in an immersive 5.1 soundtrack.

An awesome battle system that is fast paced and action oriented while allowing the player to plan out moves and strategy against the enemy.

Over 15 fun and challenging mini-games can be played to obtain helpful information, items, and even just for fun!

Over 200 different items and upgrades to destroy your enemies.

(???) Hours of breathtaking cinematic sequences.

Well thats about it for now, I know it sounds like one big ad, but It’s a lot of hard work. So far i only 3 other members of my dev team, but if you or know anyone that is an experienced musician, 3d modeler, or would be good for voice acting, send me an email to Post what you think!

jeeze, anyone?

…give us some time. But no offense it sounds like it’s just a bunch of hot air. If you do get it off the ground and end up making it then it should be one hell of a trip.

Belive me, he is NOT juust blowing smoke. He’s shared some stuff withme, and let me just say, WHOA.

This might not be the best place to look for professional musicians or 3D modelers. Best of luck.

Thanks for the backup GG, anyways ill have alot more posted by tommorow, so dont worry :smiley:

We have music yes. But I’d say look somewhere else or post this in the media forum. As far as I know there isn’t a single 3d modeller and I’m probably one of the few people around here who is actually trained for voice acting. But meh, who am I to judge.

Zombie, if you have any recorded voice acting of yourself, please send me a demo or two to Id appreciate it :slight_smile:

Looks impressive…

I know someone good with 3D modeling who doesn’t come to this site, but he may want to help you.

Omega, are you able to give me his email address?

Need a musician? I might be interested. Check out my site and see if you like what you hear.

Originally posted by Zombie_Ori
As far as I know there isn’t a single 3d modeller

<img src=“”> Trillian.