My RPG...project BATTLE

Thanks to the prompting of GG Crono 4 (who is the only reason I’m here anyway), I started making a RPG battle simulation program in C++. No graphics, no sound, nothing…very simple game.

It’s about 232 KB in size, and I was wondering if I could upload the newest version here for people to DL?

If not (or until I figure out how to), you can -mail me for a copy of the executable program at

Some things that will be added to the game in the future:[ul]
[/li][li]Monsters will have different attacks
[/li][li]Out of Battle play
[/li][li]MANY more attacks and levels

Again, let me know if you want the program. It’s actually pretty cool considering that I made it from scratch.

And once again thanks to GG for the prompting of the game.

I would love to see it. It sounds really cool :smiley:
Especially since all I’m playing right now is Seiken Densetsu 3 (which I’ve beaten 6-7 times) and NetHack (which I can’t beat :P).

Anyway, I’ll just send you a mail and you can send it in a reply. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the zip file of my game BATTLE.

(If it doesn’t work, copy-paste the URL and go manually. That WILL work.)

Anyway, please let me know what you all think!

(Password list available upon request.)

COOL!! I started playing it and it’s already pretty neat. I’d love to see what you could do with this, Bing. When you make improvements on it and stuff, let me know, k?

Nice. Are you going to post the source code?


This is pretty cool.

Curses, it wouldn’t let me download it no matter what I did.

Try right clicking and selecting “Save Target As…”.

You Cast Consume!
Hero’s Consume has dealt 0 damage to Goblin.
Hero’s Consume recovered 0 HP.
Goblin has 0 HP left.
Hero has 286 HP left.
Hero has 53 MP left.

Goblin has Been Defeated!
You gain 8 EXP!

Continue? (3 left)

  1. Yes
  2. No

It seems that the damage Consume claims to have dealt won’t appear greater than the health the hero gains (286 HP is max for level 22, I believe). It did kill the goblin though, as casting the spell was the first thing I had done in the battle, forgetting that I just used the full heal for 8 MP option after the previous battle.

It’s a neat game though. I like the Rampage spell :mwahaha:
Edit: ::dekar!:: Holy crap! I just saw what Fireworks does!

Also, the option to go back to the main menu from the magic menu doesn’t work.

I’m glad everyone likes it! :hahaha;

No, I’m not planning on posting the source code. One, it’s almost 1000 lines lone and two, I don’t want anyone to rip it.

Yar, still can’t download it? E-mail me at and I’ll send it in a reply (make the subject “BATTLE” or something like that.

I’ll add updates here as I update the program.

You might have either found a goblin so weak (they are weak ones, after all) that the HP determiner (something like the monster’s level times .55, rounded down to the nearest number) cut off the decimal place, making it so that the HP was 0.

Input (including suggestions) is welcome, thanks! :slight_smile:

I tested further and if the hero is at or near full health, the amount of damage it says is done will only be what the hero gains in health, despite actually doing a bit more. It doesn’t really affect the gameplay, but it looks funny.

I programed a game like that once when I was fooling around. 1000 lines huh? I’m guessing you have lots of enemies since I’ve done something similar with relatively few lines and functions. It probably just needs to eb optimized (I’m big on optimizing my programs and shrinking it as much as I can). Heck, I’ve shrunk some people’s code down to a third of what they ahd before, granted it was a pretty basic programming class so programs weren’t that big or complex, but still. I think I’ll program something like that and then add it to a program I used to have where you just moved around the screen.

Mine code could be shrunk, but it makes it difficult to debug, so I don’t bother. I did that to a Master Mind program I wrote (plays just like the board game…numbers instead of colors)…from like 500 lines to <160, with plenty of comments and spacing.

Battle has probably 9 different enemies…one can only be fought when over level 20.

Actually, optimizing makes it easier to debug overall and it makes the code run faster (less processing required). Optimizing means you have less to look through to find a problem. Heck, That is why classes are so good. You can write them, optimize them and then use them for a variety of things.

Does anyone want the password list, by the way?

Passwords include:

[li]Infinite Continues
[/li][li]Infinite Life
[/li][li]One-Hit Kills
[/li][li]Never Miss
[/li][li]Level Skip (1-50 avaiable)
[/li][li]Level Skip (MAX aka 100)

It’s a text document. I just don’t want to post it here because I know some people, like myself, who wouldn’t want to use it, would be dragged into temptation.

NOTE: Once you pass level 25 in BATTLE the game does not get any better (no new moves, monsters, etc.)…yet.

ALSO: if anyone reaches level 25 let me know…give me the password (via PM or E-mail) for level 25 and I’ll give you my Master Mind program. (After all, prizes are fun.)

Cool, you added cheat codes. Nice little touch.

Passwords were on the first one I posted. Didn’t spend much time looking at the game, huh? LoL

As for the debugging…I find it easier when the code is longer. Granted a repeated error is more tedious to clean up, but it’s more clear where my error is when I have one. Shortening the code is when I do with a “done” program.

Actually, I just didn’t pay much attention to the passwords part. I just started playing it. Although, since this is just the battle system, isn’t it technically an Alpha instead of a Beta? Hmmm?

Actually, I like doing Versions in a MUCH different manner than standard. The only reason it’s not up to like Varsion Gamma4 by now is because GG didn’t like that method back when project Battle was started.