My PS2 controller is haunted...

…or something of the sort. I can find no other explanation for this.

Now read carefully because this is extremely weird:

The Problem: The Analog Stick suddenly turns itself off, so I have to push the button again to turn it on. This is extremely annoying as it happens continuously.

The Weird Shit:
[li]So far, it has ONLY happened while I play .hack//MUTATION.
[/li][li]It ONLY happens when the main character I control (Kite) uses the restorative spell Ol Repth (Something like Cure2) on another member of the party.
[/li][li]Said spell has to be cast DURING A BATTLE, on a character that DOES NOT HAVE FULL HP. In other words, casting it on a completely healed character doesn’t do anything.
[/li][li]Said spell has to be cast on ANOTHER CHARACTER. So THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN WHEN I CAST IT ON KITE.
[/li][li]This doesn’t happen under any other circumstance. Not even is another party member does the same action.

What the hell is this? I have nearly no hope of anyone answering, but I’m afraid my controller is just warming up before strangling me in my sleep with it’s cord. You know, like Chucky.

It’s probably just a computer glitch, rather than some spiritual possession. Perhaps you should check out the company who makes .hack (sorry, never payed much attention to the series, so I don’t know) website and see if others have experienced the same problem.

I’ve had other games make my analog light go off, but they weren’t under any specific circumstances. I wish I could be of more help. Let me know if you ever get the problem fixed.

I’ve had games turn the Analog ON, but only when they started. I suppose it’s a game glitch but since I’m almost done with it, I’ll just leave it alone (Thankfully, Kite is a fighter type, so I don’t use his healing too much).

Thanks anyway, I just wanted someone to tell me it may not be a hardware problem because I’m WAY too broke to fix anything right now.

Because of the events when the glitch happens are so specific I don’t think it’s a PS2 controller problem, I think it’s something with the game. This is just a guess, but I’m glad it’s not too serious.

It sounds more like a bad lead on the board of the controller, that is causing the button to double register, or register on slight impact. Maybe you just notice it only on .hack.

I really doubt that the game would be turning off and on the analog function. It would be much harder for something to go wrong on the software side to cause this, than it would be on the hardware side.

The analog never turns off under any other situation. I can run across the field all day and go trough the menus using items and other spells with no problem. It ONLY happens when I use that spell. I really doubt it’s a hardware problem.