My..... Preciousssssssssss.......

Those who have spoken to me all last year on AIM or ICQ will understand this…

Follow the link, everybody ! :smiley:

Such a sweet deal, I couldn’t resist ^^;

For those who wonder, the “bastard” usually goes for over a 100$ on eBay… I just saved myself about 3/4 of that amount, w00t !

Now how about that! Dragon God isn’t just a soundtrack fanatic, he’s a bargain hunter, too! Congratulations on your find! 8)

Oh, if I only had money I’d buy the 19XX sound track, just for the end game music from it. It had a really, really sweet jazz style ending music that made it worth beating the game just to hear it.

I’m curious how they can afford to sell these soundtracks for so much less than the import value. I mean, $4? That’s got to be either pirated or a scam.

The SF2SS was the only one on the list that I really wanted. Oh well, I can’t really afford to spend any money on such things right now, anyway. And far be it from me to stand between DG and a soundtrack. :stuck_out_tongue: