My Pet Rocks

Ok… I had a picture thread a while back, but most old pics have been deleted, so I’ve decided to start off fresh.

So here’s a pic of each in the order that I got them.

First off is Fluffy, my Mexican Fireleg. Had the pleasure of owning her for almost 4 years now and seen her grow from 1.5" to the 5" flaming beauty you see now.

Next is Ginger, my Mexican Redknee. Had her for 2 years and a half now. Had her at 1.5" and now she’s around 3.5 - 4". Couldn’t be without a Redknee.

And now for my pair of Chilean Rose. First up is Daisy, she has a small regenerated leg. She’s around 3 - 3.5". She’s a bit skittish but not bad like her counterpart, Maggie.

And Maggie, she’s the mean one. She tried to go after my tongs recently. Also 3 - 3.5".

Last but definitely not least, is Stimpy, my North American Brown. She takes her sweet time to do everything, including eating. Glad to have her tho, she is a beauty in her own right.

So there we have it. Mother Nature and Lady Luck were kind enough to gift me with these wonderful females. Sometimes I do get the urge for more, but I feel that these 5 will enrich my life like no other. Way to go, pet rocks !! :wink:

I was hoping this would be a bunch of pictures of actual pet rocks.


That said, it’d be nice to have clearer pictures at better angles and zooms of the tarantulas.

dude have you ever heard of dogs and cats

edit I’m just kidding your spiders are pretty rockin’. definitely more so than rocks.

984 & Sin : Beginner tarantulas don’t do a whole lot, hence the term “Pet Rock”. And better pictures will come when I pull them out of the closet.

Zepp : I actually have a dog as well. She is awesome.

Those are awesome, I love them! I’m glad you have them instead of me, though!

How’d you get into spiders?

Finally managed to snap some new pics of my North American Brown.

Not exactly the best shots, but they’ll do.

Curtis : I’ve loved bugs since I was 4 or 5. I’ve been wanting a tarantula since I was 15. A series of events just opened doors and here I am now with a small collection.

Ok… time for some better pics of my Chilean Roses.



Ok, time to let my Mexicans shine.

First off, my Fireleg Fluffy

And now my Redknee Ginger

So those pics will be my last ones until some molts occur. So see you guys later this spring.

Love the coloring on Fluffy! I generally find spiders fascinating even if they do give my the willies when I’m actually up close and personal with one.

You weren’t by any chance I massive Pokemon fan in your younger years… and loved Paras and Parasect? xP

Yeah, I love the pics too. The Mexican is sure colourful! I also love that makeshift cave you constructed. Great work! :slight_smile:

TrkJac : If you want to get over your “willies”, it can be done. Best thing to do is read up on them a good deal, then make the “plunge” with a Chilean Rose or a Honduras Curlyhair. They are the least expensive and ususally available as juveniles or adults. Just take it one step at a time. And here’s one helpful hint : You’re not obliged to touch the animal. You can use various tools such as a paintbrush or chopstick to corral them around.

helios19 : Never touched the Pokemon series at all. Just did lots of reading on the subject before starting. And even then… nothing was going to prepare me through this “life changing” event. You simply no longer see spiders in the same sense as others do. About the caves, those are produced by Exo-Terra. I’m not creatively inclined enough to do these on my own.