<a href=“”>-Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum</a>

Holy fucking shit.

Ignore the fact that it links to SA people. It’s a look at the incredible hotels and islands that are being set up in Dubai by the rich royals. Some of them look absolutely amazing. Check it out.

Also, TD is a thief. ;D


That tower will almost be a mile high, that scares me

I just find it dumb to see how the world’s money is used while a third of the world dies of famine.

… but hey
Its better than weapons and shit :stuck_out_tongue:

jaw drop

… I love it!

This goes way beyond overcompensation. People drive obnoxiously masculine cars when they over-compensate. This is self-deification. I hope the heavens chose to crush these monstrosities. No man ever has the right to wield that much power over anything, such is the province of nations and gods. I only pray that nemesis comes sooner to them than was once scheduled.

I am sick to my stomach now. I think I’ll vomit.


I don’t agree 100% with you, but these buildings and islands are pretty discusting and they don’t need to be built

…hey, that looks like one of the maps I built in AoE.

And guys…seriously…take a chill pill. You wanna see gross excess we have a whole country here that does that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t pointing out just that country, but rich country’s as a whole.

I mean, we can’t keep doing stuff like this, we have to change at some time or else were going to have a very rough future…

I for one welcome this exorbitant ammount of spending. Clearly the rich don’t have enough places to spend their money.

Um … holy crap.

Wow. Unbelievable. Have they been made yet?

Why the fuck do you people care what this country does with it’s money? I think its pretty awesome that they’re doing this. Its better than spending all their money on weapons, and funding groups to bomb the fuck out of their neighbors.

Anyway, this is totally awesome. I’d like to live in one of those palm-areas, if i actually had enough money :stuck_out_tongue:

Mama mía…

I wish our government had the ambition to do great things, rather than banter endlessly over how best to portion out its money between insignificant projects and futile pursuits. If it makes life harder for me, fine! as long as the government is doing something interesting. People in the U.S. are convinced there are more meaningful things the government can do with its money, than build great works; but like what, and why?

I’d rather not see a nation have so much money that the only thing it can come up with is to build disgusting edifices to its own bloated opulence. So yeah, they are doing something better than bombing the fuck out of some nation that has no hope of putting up a fight, but I don’t see them doing ANYTHING helpful by crafting such things.

My first reaction, on seeing this in the forum: “What the FUCK?”
My second reaction, on seeing TD as the author of the thread: “Wow. He’s finally admitting it.”
My third reaction, on seeing the post: “Oh well, damn.”