My own 1000th post extravaganza!

Well, my 1000th post is coming up, and I thought I’d cramp on Sorcerer’s style and make a “ask me some questions” thread. :stuck_out_tongue: You all have until I have 1000 posts to ask me whatever the damn hell you want. :stuck_out_tongue: So that’s that. ASK ME :smiley:

Doesn’t Mexican 56k suck?

Why are you so evil? Are you all trying to rob me of my sanity?

How and why do you think you off as such a ladies man?

Would you like for me to give you a chicken sandwich?

How u doin’?

EDIT:Fixed spelling and shit. Answer first question SG.

You’re doing a nice job becoming the new Jabricruds.

Why is info such a bitch?

How’d you come up with your handle?

What’s the price of rice in China?

Yo quéro Taco Bell?

Nice one Steve. Must have taken you all night to think of that.

Answer the first one.

Why are we here?

Why did you plagiarise the FF6 Overworld Theme in one of your songs?

Why is cocaine bad for you?

What do you think is the most important part of your style?

BTW, I’m only answering ONE QUESTION, so make sure you seriously just choose one before I hit my 1000.

How much would a framed picture of your beautiful avatar cost?

How did you get to where you are in your live? Wherever the hell it is you are in your life?

What… is your name?
What… is your quest?
What… is the airspeed velocity of the unladen swallow?

Dear Skankin’ Garbage,

You suck.

much love,

P.S. why just one?

She was divinity’s creature that kissed the cold mirrors… the Queen of SPEW!

Would you like a mint?