My newest map

Here’s my newest Dragon warrior 7 map. I think I did a good job considering graphics change in proportion the farther away you get in this game. Anyways take a look and tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Estard Isle

How the fuck did you do that?! THAT IS AWESOME

Awesome man. If you could make more like that for the other parts in the game that would be awesome. That is the best PSX game map I’ve ever seen. Even published strategy guides don’t have as good of maps.

That is… Pretty kickass. :slight_smile: Awesome job.

WOW!! That shit looks so much crisper than my RM2K map.

Nice! I may start bugging you soon, since something has possessed me to start up a new game on DW7.

I’m working on the whole world right now. I’m planning on eventually having the whole world as an interactive map so you can click on a place and see what it looks like. Here are 2 more that I finished awhile back

brazier room


Now if only we could get Kagon to actually do some Dragon Quest VI dungeon maps. =P

But really, good work. Nice and ambitious. Don’t burn yourself out. I did all the Dragon Quest V maps, and that took me long enough. I imagine DQ7 maps are much more of a headache to make.

Holy SHIT! Excellent work, and the Brazier Room in particular is beautiful. Keep it up! :smiley:

I should have posted this as my good tabletroom the other one has some pictures unaligned.
good tablet room

You rock.

Looks great.

Awesome job man! I have DW7 on my shelf waiting to be played. However, I started my last semester in college and I have a huge backlog anyway, so it may be there a while longer.

If I may make one suggestion, change the font on the tables. It’s kind of hard to read.


I had planned on it, but it’s not easy to do. That picture itself is about 300 little pictures.